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Everything you need to know about Pausing your VPN


Not a lot of people know the importance of pausing their VPN. Yes, a VPN is important to keep you safe and secure online, but there are times when you will have no option but to pause your VPN. As absurd as it may seem, pausing a VPN can be of great use to you. To learn everything there is to know about pausing your VPN, read on.

Auto-Connection and Pausing

Most reliable VPNs come with the auto-connection feature, which allows you to connect to a VPN server as soon as you launch your VPN. Ivacy VPN, for instance, has a similar feature. As soon as you access the app, it will connect you to the fastest available VPN server, thus allowing you to enjoy true internet freedom while staying safe and secure online. If you want to prevent the client from connecting to a VPN server, here is what you need to do is to disable the feature in the Ivacy VPN app:

  1. Access the Ivacy VPN app.
  2. Select “Settings” from the left pane.
  3. Under “General,” unselect “Auto-connect after launch.”
app screenshot 1

Once you have disabled auto-connect, you can connect to any VPN server using the Smart Purpose Selection feature, or by selecting a particular server manually. Once connected, press the Connect button to pause your VPN connection. Press the Connect button again to connect instantaneously to a VPN server.

app screenshot 2

Note: These steps work more or less the same on other platforms where Ivacy VPN is available.

Why Pause your VPN at all?

So why should anyone pause their VPN at all? Here are a couple of use cases where pausing your VPN can be of great use:

  • Viewing content available in your region but restricted in the region where you are connected to;
  • To solve network issues;
  • To verify your authenticity to connect to Wi-Fi networks in hotels;
  • While setting up your internet connection for the very first time and to whitelist your router’s IP address.

Now that you know how to disable auto-connect and pause your VPN, and why it is even crucial in the first place, make the most of this information. Of course, there are other benefits to pausing your VPN, but the prominent ones have been highlighted above. However, all of this only works if you use a reliable and trustworthy VPN, like Ivacy VPN. To explore the internet freely, browse content, stream effortlessly, and so much more, Ivacy VPN will do wonders for you, and that is a fact!

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