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A Breach That Jolted The Internet – Data Leaked In A Massive Breach!

How Big Is This Breach?

Data breaches have become a thing as of late. A data dump by the name of Collection #2 to #5 has landed on the internet. The size of the data is 845 GB which contains close to 25 billion entries of usernames and passwords.

The number is huge and this level of breach is colossal, to say the least. If you remove the duplicates, as done by The Hasso Plattner Institute, it is still considerably high i.e. 750 million data worth of passwords and usernames.

Insights Into The Breach

According to security expert Chris Rouland, the information was available for quite some time over the internet. Adding insult to injury, it is said that the data may have been downloaded as much as 1000 times and distributed over the internet.

It’s quite honestly a recipe for disaster because now data snoopers and hackers can very easily gain access to users’ sensitive information by using credential stuffing attacks, meaning trying various combinations of usernames and passwords to see which one works.

Can Something Be Done?

In order to figure out whether or not you are affected, “Have I Been Pwned Yet” is a website that usually has records but so far nothing has been fed on to the said website. So there’s no way of telling, really.

What you can do is visit The Hasso Plattner website instead and submit your email. You will get an email detailing you if your data has been compromised in any shape or fashion.

Remedial measures include changing your password and if you are using the same password for multiple accounts. But remembering a variety of passwords can be a cumbersome job for people and therefore, it is advisable to use Sticky Password- A Password Manager that will relieve you of the hassle to remember passwords.

Furthermore, no one is completely secure when it comes to the online sphere. What you can do is employ a decent VPN. A service such as Ivacy that aims to mask your IP address and renders you anonymous making you impervious to attacks from the dangers lurking in the digital world.

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