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Top 5 Google Map Alternatives & Why You Should Choose Them

Discover what other maps you can use besides Google maps!

Google maps serve as an excellent navigation and mapping tool, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any viable Google maps alternatives. Ultimately which map you choose depends on how you are planning your trips and using your maps.

Here, we discuss the main features, pros, and cons of each Google maps alternative so that you can easily decide which mapping tool is best for your situation.


MapQuest offers both – a web-based tool and a mobile app. You can sync all navigation plans between the web and your phone. It recognizes your current location through your IP address or your phone’s GPS. All you need to do is type in the location and click on Get Directions to make the route visible. MapQuest also offers a hovering tool on the right, providing you with zoom controls, satellite and traffic views alongside share or print buttons. The mobile app even displays the current temperature at the current location.

Advantages over Google Maps:

  • Directions that tell estimated fuel cost
  • Tool integrated to find hotels and make reservations.
  • A single button tool to explore gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, eateries, and hotels

Disadvantages over Google Maps:

  • Annoying ads that block the map’s view
  • Lesser accuracy of the routes in comparison to Google maps, and they don’t frequently update either.

2. Waze

Waze excellently supplements your mobile experience by letting you quickly search for destinations and plan routes, add destinations, or even use the Map editor feature to custom create your maps. In particular, the Waze mobile app is much more exciting because of its social integration features – known as Wazers allowing you to share traffic or police alerts, post pictures quickly, and even ask for roadside assistance.

Advantages over Google Maps:

  • Better social driving experience
  • Warnings related to crashes, speed traps & more
  • Integrations with the music apps
  • Ability to interact with the other users around you

Disadvantages over Google Maps:

  • Less detailed maps

3.Bing Maps

Bing Maps happen to be the closest thing to Google Maps that you can come around since it’s one of Google Maps’ most significant competitors. However, it offers a simple and easy-to-use interface with controls for traffic, sharing options, and more. Bing Maps offer pretty much all of the same features as Google maps, including road, aerial and streetside layers, and transit and walking maps.

Advantages over Google Maps:

  • Exceptionally detailed maps loaded with multiple layers.
  • A modern interface that offers ease of use
  • Personal library for saving places

Disadvantages over Google Maps:

  • Unavailability of a mobile app
  • Unavailability of a planner tool

4. Here WeGo

This navigation service offers a clean and simple interface with multiple route options, including transit, taxi, and even car-sharing routes. It also has various layers such as Google maps, including transit, traffic, satellite, and terrain. Here WeGo offers a straightforward mobile app that lets you switch to satellite, transit, traffic, or classic view. Here WeGo’s website and the app are perfect for those who don’t want needless distractions when using a navigation app.

Advantages over Google Maps:

  • Faster route plotting and navigation
  • Far fewer distractions in the navigation mode

Disadvantages over Google Maps:

  • Lack of any extra route planning tools or Google Map like features

5.Rand McNally

The Rand McNally map’s functionality is quite simple. All you need to do is, type your origin and destination to make the route visible. These maps offer much detail as they allow you to spot even the smallest objects and walking trails. It also provides a satellite view that enables you to see the land’s contour.

Advantages over Google Maps:

Far more detailed than most other mapping services

  • Interactive satellite view
  • Fast and easy to use the zoom feature
  • Quick saving of location to the library

Disadvantages over Google Maps:

  • Absence of a mobile app

Final Thoughts

All mapping apps and services have specific pros and cons. For instance, if you travel off the grid a lot, offline access might be essential. If you are an explorer, you need detailed maps. If you have to rely on the maps while driving, ease of use should be your priority. Choose accordingly. Just because the whole world seems to be hooked on Google maps doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Try out one of the other options and see if it works better for you.

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