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5 Best Google Photos Alternatives


Google Photo offers an array of innovative features making it identical to the legacy of the company. It is a complete package combining an auto-sorting tool and a sharp photo-editor with a smart AI. People fall for it partially for the set of features it offers and partially for their obsession with Google as a prestigious brand. However, the charm of its brand recognition together with the luster of its innovative features fails to gloss over a few critical drawbacks inherent to Google Photo.

The internet is flooded with complaints about complications associated with its manual sorting, though auto-organization is nearly perfect. By the same token, Google doesn’t let you save your pictures offline which is irritable for some high-convenience-seekers.

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One more thing that can make you frown, if you value your privacy, is Google’s unwavering habit of tracking your data. Every picture has traces for Google to know about your preferences, belongings, hobbies, ideas, or anything that can matter. If you have saved a picture wherein you are clad in a T-shirt of your favorite brand, brace yourself for the bombardment of ads relating to that brand. Google is fairly more curious about your personal information than the farthest possible line you can draw.

Given these limitations, it is ideal for you to keep some alternative to Google Photo installed on your devices. Installing the alternatives does not require you to remove Google Photo as you can easily and harmlessly keep your devices equipped with multiple photo editing applications simultaneously. What follows is the journey through five topnotch Google Photo alternatives that can boost your experience.

1.     Cluster

Google Photo is notorious for its unleashed sharing. Sometimes, its automatic algorithm causes you to leak highly protectable photos without you knowing. Assumedly, it can lead to devastating scandals and may call your reputation into question. If you are too conscious about what to share and what not, it is recommendable not to rely on Google Photo with your eyes closed.

If you want your photos to be visible to the selected people and only ones that you really want to share, Cluster can offer you complete control on sharing with an Instagram-like socializing experience. You can group together the pictures from every event and can select the people from the list who you want to invite. Hence, it saves you from unknowingly exposing the memories or moments that you prefer to keep only to yourself.

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2.     Piwigo

The people who want a bundle of features with a touch of uniqueness usually fall in love with Piwigo. It is a feature-rich app offering a variety of editing and other tools bundled together. A vast array of organizing templates allows you to tailor your gallery to your moods and specifications. Furthermore, you can easily upload photos from a number of applications mainly including Shotwell, DigiKam, and Lightroom among many others.

The app is also rich with socializing options. You can maximize fun by using this app in a group while your group administrator will have control over viewing permissions, invitations, and notifications. The professional templates make it a dream editor for professional photographers. At the same time, it is immensely popular at a business level due to the luxury of grouping and teaming to have fun together.

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3.     Zyle

Zyle is one of the photo editing apps that offer the highest level of privacy combined with an uncluttered interface. Hardly an application can surpass Zyle in terms of neat and simplified presentation of metadata. It imparts every bit of information about your photo such as when it was captured, with which device, at what time, exact geolocation, etc. Hence, it is the most comprehensive way of capturing your valuable memories.

Unlike Google Photo, Zyle doesn’t require its users to create an account as a precondition to share their pictures. You can save and share any data anonymously while using this wonderful app.

The company upholds its commitment to staying blind to your photos. It does not keep any backup of your photos on its servers. Similarly, the third parties to whom it affiliates unfailingly comply with the obligations enforced by GDPR. At times, it may collect some non-personally identifiable information (Non-PII) but only for the purpose of continuously improving your experience rather than breaking into your privacy, unlike Google.

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4.     Flicker

Flicker has cast a spell among the photo-editing lovers for many good reasons. Notably, it is one of the very few applications out there that supports videos as well as pictures. Furthermore, it’s not fussy about the size and resolution of pictures or videos, thereby offering much greater ease than Google because the latter requires your pictures to conform to the preset standards of resolution and size.

What makes it even more preferable is the generous 1 TB cloud storage allowing you to infinitely expand your gallery. Flicker abounds with in-app features and tools allowing you to tailor your albums to your taste without assistance from any external add-on.

Same as Cluster, Flicker also features socializing aspects. You can publicize your photos at your discretion using its simple-to-use tools. Above all, Flicker is house to an ever-growing community of professional photo editors who keep sharing their inspirational and innovative ideas. Their jaw-dropping mastery can guide you with your own experience as an aspiring photo editor or can help you make your gallery shine.

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5.     Slidebox

Slidebox can make life easier for the people who end up clutching their hair due to Google’s annoying manual organizing failures. With this app, you can have fun with simple swipes and clicks working wonders like scrolling left and right enabling you to find the desired photos quickly and deleting the undesired ones. Similarly, you can quickly pull two pictures to make a quick comparison.

You can easily store and sort pictures purely based on your own specifications. These highly soughed after features being available in a single app to have made Slidebox an adorable name among photo editing addicts.

Risks of Using Google Photo Alternatives

The fact that you may fill the gaps left by Google Photo by using some of its alternatives does not guarantee a risk-free experience.  As you save your pictures on the cloud, you put your privacy and data security at stake.

You may turn a deaf ear to all these warnings but only until you wake up to the nightmare of getting your precious data stolen. The risk gets even more pronounced when you rely on an unprotected data connection (e.g. a public Wi-Fi) to have fun with your favorite photo editing tool. Remember, predators are always on the lookout for every single opportunity and your unprotected venturing can make their mouths water.

How to Avoid Risks of Google Photo Alternatives

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