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Top 19 Deepfake Apps and How a VPN Can Save You?

deepfake app
Morphed photos are getting more popular than ever, but do you know how these pictures are created? These pictures are created within seconds using deepfake apps. Sounds scary, right? Deepfake apps have been around for a while but have been controversial recently, considering recent events. Regardless of the controversy surrounding it, deepfake apps have become a popular technology to morph an image or video, making people think it's real. Creating deceptive pictures and videos does not require a high level of skills; plenty of deepfake apps are available online that you can easily download and get started immediately. In this
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How to Access Dark Web on iPhone and iOS in August 2022?

access dark web on iphone, ipad and ios
Curious about how to access the dark web on iPhone? We’re not surprised. The dark web has been the center of curiosity and interest for a long time, and here’s the thing; it isn’t as dark as it is thought to be! Before we move on towards describing how to access the dark web on iPhone, let’s talk a little about what the dark web really is. Even though the whole space has garnered a sense of mystery, the dark web is really just a part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines—for security and privacy reasons. Dark
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How to Delete Spotify Account?

how to delete spotify account
Spotify has become the one-stop destination for all music lovers leaving behind Soundcloud and other platforms. With exceptional features like accessing podcasts, creating playlists, saving favorite music, and more, Spotify has become the top contender among music streaming apps. Listening to music on Spotify in the background while working, studying, or working out can boost your mood and motivation and affect your productivity. If you think Spotify is messing up with your productivity while working and looking for ways to delete your Spotify account, this is the right place for you. Here's how to delete Spotify account: What Should You
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How to Get Unbanned from Omegle?

How to get unbanned from Omegle
Have you been through days when you don't feel like sharing your stuff with the people that already know you to avoid getting judged? That's when most people come across Omegle, an online platform that people use to interact with strangers with similar interests worldwide. However, like everything has its pros and cons, the abuse of Omegle is now prevalent, which is why the platform has started to ban people. The terms and conditions of Omegle are simple; all you need to do is maintain discipline while interacting with people. If you intentionally or unintentionally break any of the terms
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How to Unblock Instagram at School in 2022 – Tried and Tested

Social media is a curse. You shouldn’t use Instagram at school. Social media is distracting. We know you’ve heard it all before, and truth be told; it does make sense! There’s a reason that all forms of social media, including Instagram, are blocked at most schools and colleges. But what happens when you need to access the application to help—instead of to play. For example, what if you need Instagram for a project? Maybe you need to promote a good cause, reach out to a health practitioner for an interview, or even learn a new skill like Instagram marketing! What
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