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Ivacy VPN and Startpage Join Hands to Bolster Internet Privacy for Users


Ivacy VPN is continually working around the clock to make the internet a much safer place for its users. Similarly, Startpage, an anonymous and secure search engine, is working to achieve the same goal.

The internet is no longer safe, no matter how secure you think you may be. If not for hackers and cybercriminals, you are at a significant risk of being monitored and tracked by third parties. The only way to do away with such a threat is by using a reliable VPN, and of course, by using an anonymous search engine.

Seeing how Ivacy VPN and Startpage have a lot to offer collectively, it made sense for the two brands to join hands for the betterment of internet users around the globe.

You may have questions about Startpage, so let’s take a look as to what the anonymous search engine is all about.

About Startpage

Just like Ivacy VPN, Startpage was founded over a decade ago. The brand is focused on providing online freedom and privacy.

What is interesting about Startpage is that it utilizes Google’s search results, but without tracking or logging any kind via a feature referred to as “Anonymous View.”

The private search engine does not track, log, share, or sell search history or personal user data. By delivering un-profiled search results, internet users will be free from annoying ads and price trackers. But most importantly, Startpage protects its users by adhering to the strict Dutch and EU privacy laws.

The Benefit of the Ivacy VPN and Startpage Partnership for Users

Now, how will this partnership benefit Ivacy VPN users? You will be pleased to know Startpage will be integrated into all Ivacy VPN apps. So once a user connects to a VPN server, they will be presented with an option to start a “private search.” This way, they can get search results right within the Ivacy VPN app on their device.

If you care about your online privacy and security, this partnership will come as great news to you.

For more information about the integration of Startpage across Ivacy VPN apps, check back.

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