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Philippines had the major Cybercrime Prevention Act from 2012 controversy, attracting cyberattacks from several groups associated with Anonymous Philippines. During this time, 20 government websites were defaced, with a 100 more being compromised later on. The state of cybersecurity hasn’t exactly improved, nor does it seem as it will improve in the near future. To protect yourself from such threats, use a Philippines VPN.

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Get Ivacy Now
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Get rid of ISP Throttling

Without a VPN your ISP sees:

  • The website you visit
  • Your emails
  • Your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts
  • Your instant messages
  • Your downloads and uploads
  • The content you stream

With Ivacy Your ISP sees:

  • Encrypted traffic
  • No website URLs, videos, e-mails, social media accounts, online streams or downloads

Why you Need a VPN for Philippines?

Whether you are in the Philippines or not, you will need a VPN. It is more of a necessity these days for internet freedom and security.

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Data Retention

Philippines is not a stranger to data retention. The National Telecommunications Commission passed a regulatory issuance (MC 04-06-2007) a couple of years ago, according to which telcos were required to retain communication metadata, including non-voice and voice records, apparently to help the agency to deal with consumer complaints. The term ‘metadata’ wasn’t specifically used, but the circular does speak of records consisting of data like duration of communications, time, date, destination and origin. Such data can easily be used against internet users, and in most cases, is used without their consent.

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Get Started
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Access Websites with Philippines VPN

Internet users are always looking for ways to access their favorite websites without any hassles, but that does not have to be a problem anymore. Said users simply need to use Ivacy VPN to connect to a VPN server of their choice, more specifically one where the content they want is accessible. Once they have connected to the VPN server, they will appear as though they are in the Philippines, even though they are not. While doing so, they can access websites and streaming services like Lazada, iWant, and Globe, and are protected from any online threat at the same time.

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Get Ivacy Now
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Complete Internet Freedom for Philippines Netizens

True internet freedom is not a faraway dream anymore if you opt for Ivacy VPN. By connecting to different servers around the globe, you will finally be able to access the internet in all its glory. With Ivacy, you get a ton of locations to connect to. In fact, connecting to each location is as easy as 1-2-3. Basically, whatever content you need access to, it will be a breeze to access. You will not have to worry about your security and anonymity either, as you will be protected through and through. You get all this, and so much more if you choose Ivacy VPN, and that is a fact!

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Get Ivacy Now
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Safe Torrenting in The Philippines

No matter what country you reside in, torrenting is not going to be given a free pass. Seeing how torrenting is frowned upon, even though it is not illegal, it is best to use Ivacy VPN to anonymize your internet traffic to avoid getting in trouble. Failing to do so could land you in prison, or you could end up having to pay massive penalties. To be off the grid while torrenting, use the best VPN for Phillipines, as it even offers P2P optimized servers.

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Reasons to Use Ivacy VPN in Philippines

Ivacy VPN is designed to cater to the needs of each and every internet user. No matter your use case, Ivacy VPN will be the only solution you will ever need.

1000+ Servers Accross the Globe

Connect to 1000+ Servers from around the world. No matter if the content is geoblocked or a website is restricted. The large number of servers ensures accessibility and connectivity at all times.

Unlimited Server Switching

Unlimited Server Switching means 99.9% of uptime. Also, it translates into unrestricted bandwidth. So surf, stream and shop - all you want, rest assured, your network is encrypted.

Smart Purpose Selection

Smart Purpose Selection ensures that desired server is opted for the underlying need. Whether it’s streaming Netflix US, connecting to Public Wi-Fi or file sharing - optimal server is selected.

P2P Optimized Servers

P2P Optimized Servers ensure that file-sharing is carried out in complete security. With Secure Downloading, files are scanned for viruses prior to download so that any threats are eliminated.

Multiple Login Support

Multiple Login Support lets you use single subscription of Ivacy on different devices. You don’t have to sign up individually on each device in order to stay protected from cyber threats.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy pioneered the Split Tunneling feature which allows you to access foreign and local web services, simultaneoulsy. As a user, you can decide which apps to run over a VPN tunnel.

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Unblock Streaming Websites With Philippines VPN

US Netflix

By accessing US Netflix, internet users will get a lot more content than what they would get access to by accessing the localized version of the streaming site. So if you want more content, you simply need to connect to a US VPN server to get your fix.

Access content worlwide

Tired of having to deal with inaccessible? Fear not, as Ivacy VPN will make true internet freedom a reality for you without compromising on your security and anonymity. No matter the content you want to access, use Ivacy VPN to switch between VPN servers without any limitations or unavailability.

Unblock Spotify In Philippines

The premiere music streaming platform is one of the best out there, but it is not available in a lot of countries yet. To get the absolute best experience, music lovers should unblock Spotify by connecting to a US VPN server. With Ivacy VPN, you will not have to worry about ISP throttling either.

Watch Hulu Plus In Philippines

After Netflix, Hulu is one of the most popular online streaming platforms. It boasts having over 50 channels featuring a ton of content that will keep you entertained for hour on end. Unfortunately, it can only be accessed in the US or Canada. But if you really want to get your Hulu fix, Ivacy VPN is the way to go!

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Ivacy has more than enough servers to keep you coming back for more. Enjoy instant accessibility without exposing yourself to threats online.

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