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Chile VPN Server

Geoblocking in place can make Chile people living outside of the country unable to access content and websites. But worry not as a Chile VPN is the answer.

1. Subscribe to Ivacy and download it on your device
2. Open the app and connect to a server in Chile
3. Access your favorite web content hassle-free

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Get Ivacy Now
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Get rid of ISP Throttling

Without a VPN your ISP sees:

  • The website you visit
  • Your emails
  • Your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts
  • Your instant messages
  • Your downloads and uploads
  • The content you stream

With Ivacy Your ISP sees:

  • Encrypted traffic
  • No website URLs, videos, e-mails, social media accounts, online streams or downloads

Why Do You Need A Chile VPN Service?

In Chile, VPN services are not banned. Although, the government has a reputation for limiting Internet usage to its citizens and censoring content which is why the use of a Chile VPN can come in handy for different reasons.

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Data Retention

Data Retention helps governments monitor netizens in their country. That way ISPs and governments learn of the habits and activities the users are usually engaged in over the web. It is in accordance with compliance standards practiced worldwide. But for a layperson, it is equivalent to invading personal space, a blatant violation of his or her privacy. You can put a stop to it by employing a Chile VPN and render your web presence anonymous. That way when you browse the internet, the surveillance agencies will not be able to tell your real identity since different IP is assigned and its rerouted to mask your location.

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Get Started
30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Access Blocked StreamingWebsites Anywhere

if you are outside of Chile, chances are you might not be able to access websites back home. That is where VPN for Chile will help you access your favorite content. You can easily access websites including CNTV, Bazuca, Canal 13 and Mercadolibre.

1. Subscribe to VPN for Chile and download it on your device
2. Connect to a server in Chile and you are good to go!

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Surf Internet Anonymously in Chile

Surfing the web in Chile can get you in hot water with the authorities and it is therefore, advisable to use a Chile VPN in order to surf the web in complete privacy and anonymously. Since the government in Chile is adamant in restricting access to sites, content and enacting censorship laws, your best way out is to bask in the protection of a VPN server.

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Safe Torrenting in Chile

Ruling on torrents in Chile is unclear. However, reports show ISPs throttling speeds when it comes to downloading and uploading torrents. Law has never shown people being imprisoned or where they were asked to pay hefty fines. But it’s best to stay safe despite the torrenting policy being relaxed in the region. Exercise care and employ a Chile VPN to safeguard your privacy and protect yourself against ISP throttling. Bid farewell today with Chile VPN.

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Reason to use Ivacy VPN in Chile

Ivacy VPN is the winner of ‘Fastest VPN Award by BestVPN.com for 2019’, and if that isn’t reason enough for you to use Ivacy then read on.

1000+ Servers Accross the Globe

Connect to 1000+ Servers from around the world. No matter if the content is geoblocked or a website is restricted. The large number of servers ensures accessibility and connectivity at all times.

Unlimited Server Switching

Unlimited Server Switching means 99.9% of uptime. Also, it translates into unrestricted bandwidth. So surf, stream and shop - all you want, rest assured, your network is encrypted.

Smart Purpose Selection

Smart Purpose Selection ensures that desired server is opted for the underlying need. Whether it’s streaming Netflix US, connecting to Public Wi-Fi or file sharing - optimal server is selected.

P2P Optimized Servers

P2P Optimized Servers ensure that file-sharing is carried out in complete security. With Secure Downloading, files are scanned for viruses prior to download so that any threats are eliminated.

Multiple Login Support

Multiple Login Support lets you use single subscription of Ivacy on different devices. You don’t have to sign up individually on each device in order to stay protected from cyber threats.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy pioneered the Split Tunneling feature which allows you to access foreign and local web services, simultaneoulsy. As a user, you can decide which apps to run over a VPN tunnel.

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Unblock Streaming Websites With a VPN for Chile

US Netflix

A major chunk of Netflix content is available on Netflix US. But is restricted to those residing in the US. For those in Chile, you can use Ivacy VPN to bypass geo restrictions in place. As a result, you can enoy the complete library of Netflix films and TV.

100+ Server Locations

Bypassing geo restrictions is no more a problem. Seamlessly bypass geoblocking by connecting to a server in Chile. Access sites such as CNTV, Bazuca, Canal 13, Mercadolibre, etc. So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Unblock the full potential now!

Unblock Spotify

Spotify is an insanely popular app but its complete experience is limited to the US. For the folks in Chile, they can get their hands on the complete experience by connecting to a server in the US with Ivacy.

Watch Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an amazing streaming medium with 50+ channels and on-demand video content. You also get different set of films and TV shows hosted on the platform. However, to access the full library of content, employ a Chile VPN for stutter-free streaming.

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