How to Unblock Twitter easily?

You can set up Ivacy VPN for Twitter in just four easy steps, without being a tech geek. Here is how:

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Get an Ivacy VPN subscription and download the app.

Connect to a Server

Choose a VPN server as per need or use the Smart Purpose Selection feature.

Enjoy Complete Access

Once connected to an Ivacy VPN server, browse and stream your favorite content.

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is single-handedly the largest microblogging platform in the world boasting a figure of staggering 326 million users worldwide. Twitter is the preferred social media for many global leaders, political dissidents, celebrities, journalists and a large number of common people wanting to share their views or comment on current developments.

However, Twitter is very effective at pointing out governmental flaws as common citizens can easily voice their concerns or raise voice against issues like corruption on Twitter. It has made many governments around the globe, nervous.

Twitter has also been successfully used to organize protests or pave way for upbringings against dictatorships worldwide. For this reason, many authoritarian governments and agencies have banned or demanded user data from Twitter.

But this issue can be easily solved with a VPN. Ivacy VPN ensures your privacy while you use Twitter so that you can easily access the platform and your identity remains hidden to your government.

The following countries have a history of blocking access to Twitter:

  • China
  • Egypt (2011 temporary block)
  • Iran
  • North Korea.
  • Turkey (2014 temporary block)
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Kingdom (2011 threat of temporary block)
  • France

How is Twitter blocked by governments?

When a government plans on enforcing restrictions on the use of Twitter, all it needs to do is give orders to the Internet Service Provider’s – ISPs, which then begin block the traffic from the website and inform users of the service’s blocking.

How Ivacy VPN unblocks Twitter?

All internet users are assigned an IP address which reveals the country they are currently in. Ivacy VPN unblocks Twitter by changing your IP and replacing it with that of another location – a process which encrypts your internet connection.

Ivacy has a proportionally high number of servers as compared to the other VPNs, which gives you many options for connectivity. Moreover, the 256 – bit encryption offered by Ivacy is the best in the world and since you would be tweeting on sensitive matters, it is recommended that you don’t compromise on your online security with a VPN offering low-grade encryption.

How to Unblock Twitter at Work or School?

If you are experiencing blockage of social media including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp at your work or school, all you will need to do is, connect to a country where Twitter is unblocked, which is pretty much the whole world, with only a few exceptions. Ivacy presents a vast list of 1000+ servers

Final Thoughts:

Ivacy has a couple of exciting packages available for users worldwide, from whom you can choose and begin enjoying unlimited internet freedom free from government interference.

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