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What is Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling allows you to send some of the traffic through a secure VPN tunnel while at the same time you can also send the traffic elsewhere. In other words, when Split Tunneling is enabled, you can connect with resources simultaneously both on your VPN and on your local Internet/LAN etc. Any traffic which is intended for a particular destination or protocol is sent over on a VPN.

Should I Use Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling can prove to be quite effective for employers with less stringent policies as they allow for non-company traffic to be routed from local IP addresses. As a company owner, this will be an intelligent move on your part since transmitting all of the data through a VPN can greatly use up your bandwidth.

Split Tunneling feature is of immense help when you are downloading content or when accessing your network printer. Speed deceleration is perhaps the biggest constraint. So with a Split Tunneling VPN enabled you can practice download securely as well as surf the Internet without hampering your connection speed in any way, whatsoever.

As a user, if for example, you want to access a social networking website when you are connected through your company’s network, Split Tunneling will get the job done for you. The traffic will go through the VPN but when you are just visiting any other site, such as YouTube, it does not.

Also, a user cannot access foreign or local websites at the same time. With Split Tunneling, you can access them together. That way you can watch foreign movies and TV shows seamlessly, meanwhile, web services via your local IP address.

Difference between Split Tunneling and a VPN

Some notable differences are as follows:

Split Tunneling

  • Allow access to both foreign and local web services
  • Does not bog down your connection bandwidth/speed
  • Let you access LAN devices even when you are connected to the VPN
  • Keep your downloads and online activities anonymous

VPN aka Tunnel-mode VPN

  • You can access only one web service either local or foreign
  • Too much traffic passing through a network weighs heavily on your bandwidth especially in the case of companies and a mere VPN cannot be of much help
  • Provide access to either a public network, LAN or WAN but not simultaneously
  • Protect your downloads and Internet activities against prying eyes

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Why Ivacy?

Ivacy VPN is the pioneer in the Split Tunneling domain. We pride in bringing you the first ever Split Tunneling feature for all your devices including Windows PC and Android. You can also enable the feature by connecting from a compatible router and create channels that will allow for certain apps to be accessed safely whilst other apps function in a routine manner on your preferred device.

How to Configure Split Tunneling with Ivacy

In principle, you can configure Split Tunneling on Ivacy by following in these simple steps:


Launch the Ivacy application on your preferred device


Under the Settings tab, go to Connection


Pick your desired protocol from TCP, UPD, IKEV or IPSec and enable Split Tunneling toggle


Now connect from the server or region of your choice and, you are good to go!

Experience the best in network performance, security, and anonymity with
Ivacy’s Split Tunneling feature

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Frequently asked questions

No, it will not slow down your speed. At all.

To set up Split Tunneling on Windows 7 or above, all you need is to install Ivacy VPN. After installation, open the app and connect to your favorite server. Go to Settings and choose “CONNECTION” tab and underneath it, flick the Split Tunneling switch to “ON” and you will have the feature enabled on your Windows. Make sure to add services that you want over the VPN such as Chrome, Skype or Internet Explorer or any other service that you would prefer.

The process is fairly simple. Install the Ivacy app on your Android phone and from the Slider Menu in the app choose Split Tunneling. You are all set!