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What you do online, stays with you

We strictly do NOT log or monitor any online activities of any of our customers that would allow us to associate any specific activity to any specific user. We do not know anything about the website you have visited, the software your have used, the content you have downloaded or any other activity that you do online whatsoever. We only keep track of login attempts to our server and this is done only to enhance our service, troubleshooting methods and payment modes.

So, what information do we have?

Only the email address that you share with us when you sign-up is kept in record, and that too for the sake of billing (sending invoices). We remove the email addresses of inactive customers after every 12 months from our data base. We do not keep any logs or credit card info whatsoever. In order to optimize the user experience of our website, we have employed Google Analytics on to see which pages are being visited by users and how we can offer them a better experience.

What if an authority requests for information related to a customer?

Since we have a zero logs policy, we have no information of the customer’s online activities. We only have the information that the user shares with us once he/she signs up for our service i.e. the email address. We do not log any traffic or session data so we cannot identify and connect a specific activity with a particular user of our service.

Is my information secure with Ivacy?

Ivacy does not, in any circumstances, share or sell or rent users’ personal information that they use to register for the service. The information provided by users is kept with utmost care, and would never be used in ways other than the ones permitted by them.

What measures will you take if you receive a legal notice from authorities such as DMCA in regards to any content that I have downloaded or uploaded?

When a user connects with Ivacy, he becomes totally anonymous. We cannot relate any specific activity with any specific user, since we don’t keep any logs or records. However, if any such cases are forwarded to our legal department, appropriate measures will be taken to address such an issue.

Is P2P file sharing allowed on our servers?

All our servers are P2P optimized except for the servers in UK, Mexico, India, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France, Brazil, Egypt, Hong Kong, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Czech, Finland, Jordan and Kuwait.

Payment systems and Individual User accounts

Ivacy utilizes third-party payment processors. These third-party payment processors are regularly evaluated and we ensure that our users’ data is completely secure and is not used for any other purpose, except for processing payments.

What is the encryption algorithm that we use?

Our network uses AES 256-bit encryption system, which encrypts user’s information to the level where it becomes virtually impossible to decipher it.
We have also given our users the option to switch between protocols so as to tweak their internet settings as per their requirements. Some protocols are designed to give you better speed and others for better security.

Internxt and Ivacy

Ivacy VPN and Internxt have come together to form a marketing collaboration to benefit both brands. However, Ivacy VPN is not liable for data anonymity claims made by Internxt. Ivacy VPN and Internxt are independent brand that have no legal bindings to each other.

Important Note

Ivacy reserves the rights to change and amend its Privacy Policy at any time as deemed suitable.. In case any changes and alterations in Privacy Policy occur, Ivacy will always inform its customer via an email or an update. If any user, after the modification in the Privacy Policy, still uses Ivacy; it will be treated as an agreement between Ivacy and user on the new Privacy Policy.