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Ivacy Wants to Bring Transparency – Takes Burning Questions Head On!

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Ivacy – one of the oldest players in the VPN industry and winner of the ‘Fastest VPN’ award by the reputed BestVPN.com during the West Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas – starts 2019 by answering the most pressing questions regarding its existence and association with a certain VPN brand.

Singapore – March 03, 2019: The VPN industry is generally shrouded in mystery. From faceless CEOs to Chinese ownership behind the scenes; from association with data-mining conglomerates to working with and for the agencies; the VPN industry has been mostly accused of it all. To further complicate matters, the VPN industry has also witnessed unfounded campaigns centered on mudslinging and baseless accusations initiated by competing providers.

Ivacy is one such VPN provider that has been regularly accused of not coming clean regarding whether it is associated with PureVPN in any way, shape, or form or are they the same brands operating under different names. At Affiliate Summit 2019 in Vegas, US, Journalist, fortunately, got hold of Ivacy’s representative, and invited him over for a few drinks. What followed next was an informal session of questions, the answers to which were being hunted by users and industry bigwigs alike.

The Informal Question-Answer Session Summarized

When asked about its relationship with PureVPN, Frank PR Manager at Ivacy chuckled, “Ivacy is an independent entity. Even though Ivacy has already debunked this myth on a variety of occasions in the past, people continuing to ask this question is beyond me. I’ll say this once and for all: Ivacy is an independently registered entity, with its own merchants, bank accounts, partners, and legally binding contracts. Ivacy’s independently operated and developed apps, backend, billing, legal agreements, and partnerships are a testament to this fact. Their stakes are only minor. What more do you want from Ivacy?”

Our next obvious question was about the “minor stakes”, and Frank comfortably answered, “The said VPN provider has stakes only limited to shared infrastructure and for maintaining anonymity. The variety of publically identifiable digital footprints are in the name of the OEM partner because they are one of the very few providers whose identity is already public knowledge. This is done from a privacy, anonymity, and well-being point of view of both our users and our high-profile tech investors, which is a common practice in the VPN industry, and we respect that. This anonymity has played a vital role in keeping our users’ privacy uncompromised for more than a decade.

From the business’s standpoint, there are segregated contracts in place that have allowed Ivacy to flourish independently without any partner influence in decision making. Although we don’t know what the future holds for us, we’d like to keep our options open so we can collaborate with anyone, anytime should the opportunity presents itself. Currently, we are at a juncture and in transition where even their minor stakes will be migrated to Ivacy in full.”

When asked about the people behind Ivacy’s management, Frank said, “Being a private limited company, there is no legal or ethical obligation to reveal who the people behind Ivacy are. Secondly, I know for a fact that the people behind, value their customer’s privacy above everything else, and as of now, they are not too keen on opening up their investment portfolio for the world to see, so no authority can pressurize Ivacy’s management into keeping any sort of publically identifiable data. He further added, “The idea that Ivacy is trying to hide something other than enabling people to remain anonymous [pun totally intended] is absolutely absurd. Also, questioning a brand’s authenticity which dates back to a time when the said VPN provider didn’t even exist is a bold move.”

So, what about the financials? “Ivacy is backed by various high-profile investors across the globe. I’ll just leave it at that,” said Frank.

Talking about transparency, Frank added, “Ivacy was one of the first VPN providers to come out in support of the idea of transparency not only by being GDPR compliant or by being member of the US Cyber Security Alliance, but by also supporting the concept of transparent product operations, which will be practically demonstrated by Ivacy in the coming days. Watch out for Ivacy, we have a few surprises planned.”

In response to another question, Frank said, “The idea behind Ivacy VPN is to facilitate users overcome roadblocks limiting them in their pursuit of total internet freedom. Why not talk about what their issues are? I can go all day debating why and who but has it ever prevented us from delivering the promise of complete anonymity? I will just say this to our existing and potential users: Ivacy will uphold your trust at any cost and remain your preferred privacy partner in letter and spirit.”

About Ivacy

Ivacy VPN is designed to serve as a one-size-fits-all solution, thus allowing users to skip any hassles associated with finding more than one VPN for the type of experience they desire. Ivacy uses advanced up to 256-bit encryption to protect internet users from hackers, snoopers, data thieves, and even monitoring bodies for that matter. For more information, visit ivacy.com.