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The Best Netflix Hacks 2020: Tips, tricks and secret codes for Netflix that you must know!

Netflix Hacks Tips Tricks

Have you set out to explore multiple Netflix genres by browsing movie selections matching your taste, for instance, Standup Comedy, Horror, Psychological thrillers, Action, Western classics, etc.? But, what if someone told you that so far you are only scratching the surface and that you can dig a bit deeper if you want. There are a few essential Netflix hacks, tricks, and secret codes that can enable you to unlock the full potential of Netflix and get your money’s worth.

Know all Netflix shortcuts if you want to master Netflix Hacks!

For a premium Netflix experience, you need to know these keyboard shortcuts to make your binging sessions a lot better.

  • F:

Enter the full-screen mode.

  • Esc:

Exit full-screen mode.

  • PgDn:

Pause the streaming

  • PgUp:

Play streams.

  • Spacebar:

Pause/play at the same time.

  • Shift + Right Arrow:

Fast forward streams.

  • Shift + Right Arrow:

Rewind streams.

These shortcuts will make your life easy and enhance the Netflix streaming experience!

Out of all Netflix Hacks, which is the best one?

You must be wondering, which is the best Netflix Hack of all the Netflix Hacks?

As an avid Netflix fan, you may already know that Netflix comes with geographic restrictions, and the full catalog is only accessible with a VPN outside the USA. Before exploring the various trips, tricks, and techniques, you must get a VPN that works best with Netflix. Ivacy is the best VPN for Netflix since it doesn’t just reliably unblock Netflix but also provides an ISP throttling free experience for seamless streaming.

Get Ivacy for the best Netflix streaming experience while binge-watching your favorite content.

Do you know? Does Netflix maintain secret codes for its many genres and subgenres?

There are a few Netflix hacks that you may still not know. Netflix has different codes for the vast array of genres it maintains.

There are movie categories such as:

Genre:                                                                                                         Code:

Music                                                                                                           1701

Horror Movies                                                                                            8711

Dramas                                                                                                        5763

Documentaries                                                                                           6839

Action and Adventure                                                                               1365

Anime                                                                                                           7424

Classic Movies                                                                                           31574

Comedies                                                                                                      6548

Cult Movies                                                                                                  7627

Dramas                                                                                                          5763

Foreign Movies                                                                                            7462

Independent Movies                                                                                   7077

If you are visiting the “Music” genre, for example, this is how your address bar will look like:


The reason is, each subgenre of Netflix has its code. Once you add that code to the end of the URL string, you will come across a list of movies that fit into that category.

However, it doesn’t stop there. There are many subgenres to the genres above.

Sub-Genre:                                                                                                 Code:

Biographical Documentaries                                                                     3652

Biographical Dramas                                                                                   3179

Dark Comedies                                                                                               869

Foreign Comedies                                                                                        4426

Adult Animation                                                                                         11881

Anime Action                                                                                                2653

Or some particular ones such as:

Sub-Genre:                                                                                                   Code:

Deep-Sea Horror Movies                                                                           45028

French-Language Horror Movies                                                                2132

Independent Coming-of-age Dramas                                                        3010

Feel-good Children & Family Movies starring Muppets                         2663

Suspenseful Comic Book and Superhero Movies                                     4907

Now, let’s say you want to visit a specific subgenre of music such as “Kids Music,” this is how your URL will look like:


Here, “1701” is the code for “Music,” while “52843” is the code for the subgenre of “Kids Music.”

Netflix Hacks: Install The Best Netflix Add-ons to enhance Netflix streaming

Even if you think that you know everything that there is to know about Netflix, you must understand there is more to Netflix than meets the eye. There is a good chance that you are still missing out on the best of Netflix despite knowing all the essential Netflix hacks and secrets.

Therefore, here are some of the best Netflix add-ons that can enhance Netflix streaming for you along with the Netflix hacks:

  • The super Netflix Extension:

Most Netflix users get too accustomed to the standard Netflix features offered. But, a simple app can personalize the whole Netflix experience!

Super Netflix is a free extension that enhances your Netflix viewing experience to a great deal. It allows you to choose your video streaming quality instead of letting Netflix do that.

That’s not all; Super Netflix also can skip TV show intros, blur plot descriptions as well as image thumbnails so that you can evade spoilers. Moreover, you can upload your subtitles if you don’t like the preloaded ones on Netflix.

This add-on is only available for Chrome. You can get it here.

  • Netflix enhancer:

A small N icon will appear in the browser address bar whenever you are streaming on the Netflix site with Netflix Enhancer. It serves as a combination of all the essential tools that you could need. From the Metacritic ratings to Rotten Tomato scores, to IMDb profiles.

Moreover, if Netflix Enhancer can find a trailer for the selected movie, it will begin displaying a small white camera icon to watch it. Once you start using Netflix enhancer, you will be able to save a considerable amount of time by avoiding the crappy content.

You can get it here.

  • Netflix Roulette:

Getting sick and tired of the same old suggestions on Netflix, and scrolling through many rows? If so, this add-on is just for you. Netflix Roulette enables you to escape the dreaded “Netflix recommended” titles.

Netflix Roulette lets you choose from a variety of different criteria and hit the green “Spin” button, upon which a video gets automatically generated for you. You can even filter out movies based on their IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores when using Netflix Roulette.

Netflix Roulette API is not currently available. Here is an online version of the Netflix roulette to do the job.

  • The Netflix Bible:

Netflix’s broad and vague categories may not always cut it, which is why you can use “The Bible” if you want to get more specific. “What’s on Netflix” contains an encyclopedia of more than 20,000 weird but unusual sub genre’s, accompanied with their ID codes that you can add at the end of the URL to go straight to the title.

The Netflix bible extension can improve the default Netflix search to a great extent. Netflix currently lets you search only by title. However, with the bible extension, you can search by the year of release, directors, genre, and many other filters. So, if you have a favorite director or you want to watch the same actor time and again, Netflix Bible makes that happen for you!

  • Never Ending Netflix:

“Never Ending Netflix” is another excellent Netflix extension that enables you to automatically play the next episode, skip the title sequences, and search thousands of genres, all at the same time.

You can get it here.

How to control Netflix through a mobile phone?

Controlling Netflix through your mobile devices is pretty simple, but it depends on the device you are using to watch Netflix content.

  • Netflix remote with PS4

  1. Get the Netflix app on your viewing device as well as your mobile device
  2. Make sure that you have connected both devices to the same WI-FI network
  3. Launch the app on both devices
  4. At the bottom screen of your device, you will see the ‘Cast icon.’ Tap on it
  5. Numerous connected devices will become visible. Select the one you want. Now you can use the mobile device to play, pause, forward, and rewind.
  • Netflix remote with PC

  1. Download and install the ControlPC app on your mobile device.
  2. When launching the app after installing it, you will see a number at the upper-status bar. Note it down.
  3. Now, launch the Netflix app in the Windows PC
  4. Download and install the ControlPC app on your PC as well
  5. Enter the code you received in the second step

How to watch American Netflix in the UK

All you need to do is follow a simple process to watch American Netflix in the UK:

1- Get Ivacy VPN

2- Connect to an American server

3- Select a show on Netflix and begin streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions: Netflix Hacks

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Netflix hacks and the hacks, tricks, and techniques that can be used to configure it:

  • How to watch on Netflix in Ultra HD?

Before streaming the ultimate 4K quality, ensure the following:

  • Your TV meets the requirements to stream Ultra HD, i.e., a Sony TV compatible or a 4K Ultra HD media player
  • Internet speed of 25 Mbps or higher
  • Netflix plan supporting HD quality
  • You have configured your streaming quality to High or Auto

Once you have done so, you can use the Netflix search feature, by simply typing “4K” in the search window to locate 4K content and select from the appearing titles.

  • How to disable dubbing on foreign language movies?

Netflix is available in more than 200 countries worldwide. There are many exciting titles available in foreign languages. However, it can be a huge bummer when you want to watch a movie in its original language, but the dubbing is spoiling all the fun. Here is how you can solve this problem:

  1. Select a movie or TV show dubbed in English by selecting “Video to Watch.” You will be able to revert to the original content.
  2. Go to the play settings while you watch
  3. You can now select the original audio to have a desirable listening experience
  • How to customize subtitles on Netflix?

If you are facing viewing difficulty due to the default appearance of subtitles on Netflix, you can easily customize the appearance of subtitles on Netflix to improve the readability.

  1. Click your account thumbnail in the top right corner
  2. Select “Account Settings” from the menu
  3. Scroll down to the “My Profile” section and select “Subtitle Appearance.”
  4. You can choose a different font from the drop-down menu under the “Font” tab

You can change the color of the subtitles by clicking on the color box next to the ‘Font’ drop-down and select a color included in one of the presets. For enabling a solid color background for the subtitles, you can click inside the ‘Background’ color box.

  • How to download movies and shows to watch later?

If you are not anticipating a proper internet connection for the next few days or if you intend on traveling, you can download your favorite Netflix shows for offline viewing through these steps:

  1. Firstly, you will need to choose the download quality you need. Netflix offers two quality levels, i.e., Standard and High, the latter being HD, i.e., between 720 and 1080 resolution. To choose, select the menu icon on the left side and scroll down to the App settings. You can get the preferred quality by tapping “Video Quality” once there.
  2. Not all Netflix titles are downloadable, but you can find the ones you can, in the “Available for Download” section. You can find this section by tapping the menu button in the upper left corner – the first option located below the Home section.
  3. To begin downloading, select the Download icon appearing alongside the movie or TV show you want to watch.

Once you have downloaded, all offline content will appear in the My Downloads section. You can find it by selecting the menu button in the app’s upper left corner.

  • How to host a Netflix watch party?

“Netflix party” is a Chrome extension that makes it possible for you to invite your friends to watch any Netflix video with you, considering that they also have a Netflix subscription. So, the next time you want your friends to accompany you on a binge-watching session, you know what to do.

Here is how:

  1. Install the Netflix party extension from the Chrome store. You will begin seeing an “NP” logo right next to the address bar after installing
  2. When you select a video on Netflix, the “NP” logo will turn red
  3. Click on the “NP” logo and then click on “Start the Party.”
  4. Copy the URL on the next screen and send it to the friends you want to invite. They must have the same extension and paste the link in their browser.

The party will begin now. You can click on the “NP” logo anytime to exit.

  • How to skip all intros?

If you no longer want to manually skip the “Intro” button when watching Netflix in Chrome, you can use the “Super Netflix” extension.

  1. Install the Super Netflix addon from the Chrome store
  2. Click on the Super Netflix icon from the upper right corner in Chrome
  3. On the settings screen, scroll down to the section “Automatically Skip Intro” and click on the “Pull Down” menu.
  4. Now, select “Skip Intro.”
  5. Scroll down till you find the “SAVE,” then give it a click

That’s just about it. Now when you are streaming Netflix, and an Intro appears out of nowhere, it will be skipped automatically!

  • How to set up parental controls on Netflix?

Netflix hosts a myriad of content, but not all of it is suitable for children since it can be sexually explicit or contain portrayals of graphic violence. You can set parental controls on Netflix if your children are also using your account.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Log in to Netflix
  2. Clicking on the “Manage Profiles.” will keep you on the page but make the profiles visible to you, which means that you can edit their settings.
  3. Now, choose the profile you want to manage and click on the icon over it to enter the settings for it.
  4. Configure the maturity level settings in the drop-down located under “Allowed TV shows and movies.” You will be able to choose between “For Little Kids only,” “For Older Kids and below,” or “For Teens and below.”
  5. Tap Save when done.

So far, these are all the best Netflix Hacks and tricks we know about and have been able to discover through extensive testing and of course bing watching. But, as we come to know of more hacks, we will keep you updated, so keep coming back for more Netflix hacks!