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How to Get Google Voice Number Outside the US

How to Get Google Voice Number Outside the US

Google Voice is a telephone service that lets users make local and international calls and send infinite messages without any charges. That being said, Google Voice service is only available in the United States, where the problem lies. Due to their regional limitations, many users outside the US are unable to use Google Voice service. 

This brief guide shows you how to access Google Voice service and get Google Voice outside the US. 

How to Set Up Google Voice Account Outside the US?

Setting up Google Voice account outside the US is an easy process that involves a few steps for completion following which you can get access to Google Voice service from anywhere. 

  • Setting Up Google Account: First things first, you need to create a Google account if you do not have one. To sign up Google account you must provide your information including name, email address, and phone number. 
  • Getting a US-Based Forwarding Number: To use Google Voice service, you will need to get a US-based forwarding number. You can also find these numbers from online or through many apps.
  • Finding the Right VPN: A VPN will help you come around the regional barriers and make it appear you are accessing Google Voice service from the US. There are several VPNs available but to run Google Voice service satisfactorily, Ivacy VPN is recommended for a fast-end user experience. 
  • Setting Up Google Voice Account: Once you are done finding a US-based forwarding number and a VPN, you can now set up your Google Voice account. Follow their instructions by providing the necessary information.
  • Account Information Verification: To use Google Voice, you need to verify your account information. This may involve providing US-based phone numbers, credit card number, and other personal information. 
  • Start Calling and Sending Texts: Once the account set and verification are done, you can now make calls and send texts using your Google Voice number. You can do this on your mobile phone through the Google Voice app or web browser. 

Benefits of Using Google Voice

Google Voice service is of great help for making personal calls or for your business purposes. To understand this in-depth, you must acknowledge the benefits of using Google Voice Number. 

  • You can make calls all around the world, even if you do not have a Google Voice app. 
  • Your Google Voice number will let you make free calls over any internet connection including WiFi. This is possible by accessing Google’s Hangout app. 
  • You can send an unlimited number of texts and messages anywhere in the world for free. 

Can I Get a Google Number for Free?

You can get a Google Number for free, but few restrictions you may face with free Google Voice numbers. 

  • Google Voice calls do not consume an extra amount of data, but you still need to be prepared to make calls and text messages outside the US and Canada as it might charge you extra bucks. 
  • Call carriers companies charge for the message and call for your new Google Voice phone numbers. 
  • You can access premium features like international call credit that involve associated costs.

Can I Get a Free US Number with Google Voice?

Yes, Google Voice will let you pick a new phone number from the given options while signing up for a Google Voice account. Note, that these numbers are strictly based in the US. 

How Much Does Google Voice Number Costs?

Google Voice phone numbers start from $10 per month and go higher to $30 per month. 

Google Voice Starter Package

With $10 per month, the Google Voice starter package is best for small businesses looking for a suitable VoIP service for domestic calls without paying extra. 

Key Features

  • VoIP service for up to 10 users
  • Calls to the US and Canada
  • Reports usage and activity

Google Voice Standard Package

With $20 per month, the standard package is best for small and medium-sized businesses looking for advanced VoIP features for calls in Canada and the US without advanced analytics. 

Key Features

  • Desk support
  • Ring groups
  • Usage and reports activity

Google Voice Premier Package

The premier package costs $30 per month, ideal for businesses with sales teams that need end-to-end collaboration and advanced features to enhance opportunities for sales. 

Key Features

  • Advanced reporting
  • Automatic user call recording
  • Unlimited international locations

Do I Need a VPN for Google Voice Outside the US?

Without a VPN, you might not be able to get a US number or Google Voice number if you are outside the US. Hiding your IP through a VPN is a favorable tactic as well as an easy thing to set up. 

Following these steps, you can create a Google Voice number outside the US using a VPN. 

  1. Download and install Ivacy VPN.
  2. Login to the Ivacy VPN application using your credentials.
  3. Sign up for a new phone number on the Google Voice website.
  4. Pick any personal or business phone number based on your preference. 
  5. Sign in to your Google account by following the steps mentioned in the prompt. 
  6. Enter your phone number to initiate two-step verification. 
  7. Follow the step-by-step guide to use TextNow and get a free US phone number. 
  8. Submit the Google Voice authentication code. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a virtual US number?

You can get a virtual US number using Google Voice for free. You can also opt for other premium options to get a virtual US number including eVoice, CallHippo, Digits, and Tossable. 

Is Google Voice a US number?

Google Voice is only available in the US. Since Google’s workplace is only located in a few countries like the US and Canada, using a VPN service you can get a Google Voice US number from any region whether in Singapore, France, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, UK, or anywhere else. 

Which VPN is the best for Google Voice?

Ivacy VPN is recommended because of its lightning-fast and stable server connections. With advanced encryption technology, Ivacy locations are spread worldwide, consisting of 5700+ servers in over 100+ locations. 

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