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Gmail users were already having a tough time, and things only got worse in recent weeks. First, Gmail users had to deal with delete and lost emails, and recently Gmail’s email filters failed to prevent NSFW and exploitative messages from reaching users’ inboxes.

The problem was identified by Android Police, highlighting users on Twitter and Reddit reporting problems with Gmail. While some users claim the issue has been fixed, there are a couple that are still facing the issue.

Google has not shied away from the problem and has recognized the issues surrounding Gmail. You will find more details about the issue on G Suite Status Dashboard.

Upon investigating, it was found out that the problem was the result of an even bigger problem. The primary issue was causing Gmail emails to be delayed. Because of this delay, some messages landed in inboxes without any spam checks whatsoever. Fortunately, the problem has been solved now. But as mentioned earlier, some users are still having this problem.

If you or anyone else you know is having problems with Gmail, it would be a good idea to be cautious about what emails you access and whatnot. While tech-savvy users can get around this problem, everyday users will have difficulties navigating spam with potentially harmful files.

While everyday users can educate themselves about protecting themselves from spam with malicious and harmful content, there is another way to deal with the problem effectively. By using a reliable VPN with server-level protection, everyday users can protect themselves from all malicious and harmful content. If you are looking for such a VPN, you need not look further than Ivacy VPN.

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