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How Can You Make Money Using a VPN Reseller Program


Are you planning to partner with a VPN reseller program but unsure how you can make money? The good news is – VPN reselling is the best business area you can invest in today. It can help you make money via subscription-based commissions, bulk subscription selling, feature upselling, and more.

The cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly – creating both the need and opportunity for efficient VPN services to help secure users’ digital presence worldwide. Thus, if you want to know how to make money as a VPN reseller, this blog will be right up your alley.

Best Ways You Can Make Money Using A Reseller VPN Program

1.    By Charging Commission


As a VPN reseller, you can charge a commission from the VPN reseller program you’ve partnered with for each subscription you sell. It can help you make considerable money since VPN Reseller programs offer attractive commissions.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner offering great commissions, Ivacy VPN’s Reseller Program is worth looking into. It provides a 50% commission per subscription. Thus, the more subscriptions you can sell, the better revenues you’d be able to make. Also, it has no limitations or requirements for the number of subscriptions you can sell.

2.    Selling Long-Term Subscriptions

long-term subscriptions

While selling monthly subscriptions can get a decent profit, trying to sell out more long-term subscriptions can guarantee recurring cashflows for your business. You can try selling yearly subscriptions and multi-year plans and even offer deals that might entice the buyers to get a long-term subscription.

Ivacy VPN Reseller program can let you sell yearly and 5-yearly subscription plans to make long-term profits.

3.    Upselling with Feature-Rich Bundles

feature-rich VPN

Partnering with a VPN reseller program doesn’t only let you sell the VPN, but you can also bundle it with an in-house software or application. The more features and benefits you offer, the more money you make.

Ivacy VPN reseller program comes with the option of partnering and co-branding, where you can bundle up your services with the features of Ivay VPN to sell a final product in perfect alignment with your customer requirements.

4.    Considering Business Customers

business customers

Since the primary source of revenue in a VPN reselling business are commissions, you can earn as much as you sell. Thus, considering organizations and companies that might require VPN services in bulk could be a great means of making more money.

You can target business organizations, discover their needs, and create tailored VPN programs that rightly serve their requirements, such as dedicated servers, centralized billing, team management tools, etc.

5.    Explore Reseller Partnerships 

reseller partnerships

Exploring business partnerships is one of the best ways to make money via VPN reselling. Look around for businesses interested in buying bulk subscriptions to sell them to the end consumer, such as computer retailers, internet service providers, web hosting companies, etc. This strategy will allow you to tap into an existing consumer base and benefit from their foolproof marketing channels – making massive sales and revenues like never before.

6.    Considering White-Lable VPN Reselling

Ivacy white-label VPN software solution

While partnering up with a VPN company as their reseller can get you great profits, there are ways you can further expand your revenue streams. White-label VPN reselling allows you to purchase the selling rights from an existing VPN company and sell it further under your name. It lets you create a separate brand identity.

You can partner with other businesses, such as digital agencies or web hosting companies, with a separate business identity. The more areas you’ll expand into, the more revenue streams you’ll be able to create for your business.

7.    Experimenting with Ads & Paid Content

paid content

Since you’re getting into a VPN reselling business, running a VPN-related website or blog could be part of your marketing strategy. While the organic efforts on your site will bring outcomes experimenting with ads and paid venues, content can always maximize your chances of growing sales and revenue. In addition to that, you can also monetize your content if that’s genuine and capable of capturing a great audience.

Make Maximum Money With The Ivacy VPN Reseller Program

Now that you know all the best ways to make money using a VPN reselling program, you must look for the perfect one to partner with. The good news is – you don’t have to look any further. Ivacy VPN brings to you the finest of all reselling programs with multiple offerings.

You can choose between the white-label reselling, partnering, and co-branding programs. No matter what you choose, Ivacy VPN ensures you can make the most of all the money-making methods. While the partnering program offers excellent commissions over each subscription you sell, the white-label program gives access to valuable resources. Pick your preferred Ivacy VPN Reseller Program and register to start making instant money!




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