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Creating a Successful VPN Reselling Business Plan


The cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly, with more people concerned about online security and privacy daily. An estimated 77% of internet users utilize VPN services to protect their digital presence. Thus, there’s a massive opportunity uprising for new entrants who might want to initiate a high-profit business anytime soon.

While creating a VPN from scratch could be challenging, you can think of investing in a VPN reselling program, like Ivacy VPN’s reseller program. This strategy can help you grab a share of this booming industry even without much effort. A VPN reseller program is a secondary service offered by top-notch VPN companies. They will let you buy their subscriptions in bulk, and you can sell them to your customers for a commission.

Sounds like an easy business model with the potential for exponential growth? It surely is! However, you’ll always need a well-drafted strategy and superb execution to start a successful VPN reseller business. And the good news is – this blog post guides you in creating a successful VPN reseller business plan hassle-free.

Steps to Create A Successful VPN Reselling Business Plan

1.    Get To Know the VPN Market

get to know vpn market

The first step towards creating a successful VPN reselling business is to know the market from the inside. The more you know about the audience and market conditions, the better you can tackle your sales. Learn about the market practices and traditions, determine your segments, and identify their exact needs so you can develop the finest positioning strategy for your VPN reselling business.

2.    Decide Your Business Model

decide your business model

If you plan to resell VPN subscriptions, there are multiple models to choose from. Choosing the model first is always a good idea so you can easily move forward with the business planning. Ivacy VPN Reselling Program offers three different models, including:

  • White Label VPN Reselling allows you to create your label or brand and sell the purchased VPN under your name.
  • Reselling & Co-Branding allows you to resell the Ivacy VPN or bundle up the features with your existing software application.
  • Custom exclusive Reseller Solutions allows you to create your own VPN product from scratch with assistance from the Ivacy VPN experts.

You can opt for any of these VPN reselling models at your convenience and enter the VPN market with a bang!

3.    Pick the Best VPN Reselling Company

Now that you’re sure of the model, it’s time to find a top-notch company that offers reselling services. This is a primary step since your business growth depends on your chosen VPN product. You’re not building a product here yourself but partnering with a third party to resell what they’ve created. Thus, it’s very important to ensure the company you choose has an exceptional product in place – offering exclusive features that carry the potential to capture your target market.

With a new VPN service launching daily, it isn’t easy to land a reliable VPN reselling program that benefits you and your potential customers. Suppose you’re struggling to find one; in that case, Ivacy VPN’s Reseller program is worth looking into. The VPN Reseller program is highly flexible and convenient for new entrants, and the product is designed with exclusive features to help you attract and satisfy customers.

4.    Consider Legal and Financial Necessities

Now that you’ve picked the right VPN reseller program, it’s time to fix all the legal and financial necessities. Ivacy VPN’s reseller program allows you to sign in to their partner portal hassle-free. All you have to do is create an account and start selling. There’s no legal or financial requirement, and you get to enjoy a 50% profit on each subscription you’re successful at selling.

In addition to that, there’s no limitation or requirement for the number of subscriptions; you can easily work at your own pace.

5.    Implement Aggressive Marketing Strategies


Given the growing competition in the cybersecurity industry, you will need to implement aggressive marketing strategies to be found by potential customers and excel at your VPN reselling business. From SEO and Paid advertising to affiliate marketing, you can integrate numerous strategies into your business plan within your budget. The more aggressively you’ll market, the better you’d be able to reach, attract and convert customers.

Partnering with Ivacy VPN could greatly benefit your marketing efforts. Since Ivacy has an already established reputation in the market, it can add to your points in front of the customers – leading to more sales and revenue.

6.    Establish a Proactive Customer Support Team

Since VPN reselling is a technical business, you’ll need an efficient and proactive customer support team to make it a success. The more trained and professional customer representatives you’ll have in your team, the better they’ll be able to cater to your customer queries – leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ivacy VPN makes it easier for you by providing a dedicated account manager with 24/7 assistance. You can take their help in training the support team at best. The closer your support team would know about the product, the better they’d be able to tackle customer problems.

Become a Successful VPN Reseller with Ivacy VPN

Now that you know exactly how to create a successful VPN reselling business plan capable of generating great sales and revenues, it’s time to start. Register with the Ivacy VPN Reseller program today and earn up to 50% commission on each subscription you manage to sell. Our program is designed to help new entrants in the industry grab their share and offer ultimate convenience to their customers with our feature-rich VPN product.

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