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The Advantages of Becoming a VPN Reseller


The cybersecurity industry is booming, with massive business opportunities for new entrants. While launching an entire product from scratch could be difficult, trying your hands on VPN reselling is an option worth looking into. VPN Reselling is purchasing or partnering with a premium VPN service and reselling it to your customers in exchange for commissions. If you’re also planning to grab a share from the over-valuing cybersecurity industry, the Ivacy VPN Reseller Program could be a perfect choice. It can enable you to enjoy massive earnings while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Suppose you’re still unsure about the benefits of becoming a VPN reseller and how it can bring you exponential growth. In that case, we’ve covered you by listing all the significant advantages of VPN reselling in this blog post. 

An Ever-Growing Industry


With a substantial rise in regional restrictions, data retention laws, censorship, and scale surveillance, the need and demand for online security tools have massively increased. The cybersecurity industry is constantly innovating – creating an undeniable opportunity for new entrants to grow. You can also use this industry boom by partnering with the Ivacy’s Reseller Program. It allows you to co-brand or resell Ivacy VPN in exchange for commissions.

Ivacy’s Reseller Program has superb features, including a dedicated account manager, a comprehensive resource kit, guaranteed security, unlimited customer bandwidth support, etc.

Minimum Effort Required

The best part about VPN reselling is that it requires minimum effort. Partnering with the Ivacy VPN Reseller program can save time and effort compared to building a product from scratch. You resell an established and reputed VPN service for quick results.

From engineering assistance to 24/7 support, the Ivacy VPN reseller program offers everything you might require to maintain a massive consumer base and provide them with unmatched quality services.

Massive Consumer Base

There’s good news if you’re wondering whether you could attract customers for your VPN reselling business. The continuously growing need for online security has increased the demand for quality VPN services. And with an already established reputation of Ivacy VPN, you can manage to put together a massive consumer base hassle-free.

What Is Ivacy VPN Reseller Program? 

Ivacy Reseller Program is designed to help new entrants grab their share of this ever-growing industry hassle-free. It comprises three different models, including –

Resale & Co-Branding Partnership

It allows you to co-brand with Ivacy VPN or resell our premium features and personally themed applications. This method would let you make revenue based on the commission you charge over each VPN subscription.

VPN White-Label Reseller Solution

If you want to start your own business, Ivacy VPN offers custom VPN app development from scratch under the white-label reseller solution. These would include the APIs or SDK, WHMCS, and custom-made apps and websites in total alignment with your needs and requirements.

Custom Exclusive Reseller Solutions

Are you considering developing a whole new cybersecurity tool, or do you want to integrate our premium VPN features into a product or service of your own? Our custom exclusive reseller solution offers exceptional engineering support where you can build whatever you want hassle-free.

What Features Does the Ivacy Reseller Program Offer? 

Ivacy VPN’s reseller program has got great perks to offer. If you are also convinced by the benefits of VPN Reselling and planning to partner with some top-notch VPN brands, go through the great features Ivacy VPN’s Reseller Program offers:

Guaranteed Digital Security

digital security

Ivacy VPN offers your customers the same digital security as its customers. The VPN service has been engineered and designed with premium features to let your customers enjoy 100% secure online surfing by masking their identity. They can also have unrestricted access to as many websites as they desire from anywhere around the globe.

Unlimited Bandwidth Speed

Ivacy VPN offers unlimited upload and download speeds by eliminating ISP throttling. Unlike most VPN services, customers will never have to worry about a terrible online browsing experience.

Dedicated Account Manager

dedicated account manager

We understand that you can require engineering and customer support as a reseller to understand the product better. Since Ivacy VPN offers comprehensive features and engages several technicalities, we provide each reseller with a dedicated account manager.

They are all professionally trained and well-informed about the product and its features. No matter your queries or confusion regarding Ivacy VPN, they can assist you in all possible ways.

Connect Up To 10 Devices

One incredible feature Ivacy VPN offers is a flexible connection for up to 10 devices at a time. And this remains part of the reselling program as well. It allows your customers to connect up to ten devices with the Ivacy VPN simultaneously using only a single subscription. Be it an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or any other device – Ivacy VPN supports them all. Thus, your customers can enjoy accessing their choice of content on their desired devices from anywhere around the globe – allowing you to gain immense customer satisfaction.

Ivacy VPN Resources

Ivacy VPN understands that you could need guidance and support as a reseller. Thus, our reselling program includes a resource kit that carries all the assets you might require to run a successful VPN reselling business. From relevant banners and screenshots to the logo, infographics, and videos – you name it, and you’ll find it in the resource kit.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the advantages of becoming a VPN reseller and how Ivacy VPN’s Reseller program could help you grow exponentially over time, get started and grab your share of the pie from the ever-growing VPN industry.


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