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Ways On How To Ensure Smart TV Security

Smart TVs are one of the technological marvels of the 21st century and it is important that they are safeguarded from the dangers lurking in the cyberspace. All of us, at least own one Smart TV in our homes.

The notable brands in the business have surpassed what once was unimaginable. These manufacturers have amazed us with their ability to bring enhanced picture quality, richness in color and sharpness in TVs.

But that’s not all. Since they are smart, they are more than just meant for viewing movies in high quality. With ISP and government surveillance on our tails, Smart TVs can serve as pools of information to them.

They can track your physical location and tap into when you are online as to what your preferences are in content such as TV and films, in addition to your activities over the internet.

What are possible Smart TV issues?

It is wrong to assume that only corporate offices get affected the most by cyber attacks. Individual privacy is equally important and in order to safeguard it, a decent VPN service such as Ivacy can prove to be a resourceful option.

Every year hundreds of millions of people become victims to cyber attacks. Facebook, Marriott and Cathay Pacific etc. have all been hacked in the past. Moreover, entities such as Google are known to sell user data to third parties. Thanks to GDPR standards, things are heading towards improvement.

But that is not to say, you shouldn’t exercise care on personal level. Smart TVs today are being used to engage in social media activities, video calling and other online services including Netflix.

That’s wealth of data sitting there to be tapped into. Many Smart TVs have webcams and mics built-in them. This leads to Smart TVs listen and see what you are up to in your personal space when accessed remotely.

So any hacker sitting on the other end is fully aware of what you do. You can possibly imagine what this means. That’s bad news!

How can your Smart TV be accessed remotely?

If we are delve into how Smart TVs can be accessed remotely, it will be no short of a sci-fi thriller. You may have thought these things were fiction such as in the movies like Minority Report but they are as real as it gets.

Your Smart TV can be compromised in one of the following ways:

  1. Remote control over your Smart TV
  2. Spying via microphone and webcam
  3. Ransomware attack that will keep your Smart TV in a locked state until the ransom is paid
  4. Stealing of sensitive information such as login credentials to various online services
  5. Access to data on connected flash drives, laptops and mobile phones

So it’s no secret anymore – all possible ways your Smart TV can become hacked are out in the open.

Is there a way to prevent these data breaches?

Again, employing a service like Ivacy VPN can come in handy. As it provides rock-solid security protocols and up to 256-bit military grade encryption. However, common sense and sheer vigilance will always come out on top.

  1. If you are not watching anything on your Smart TV, best practices dictate that you turn it off. Even better, unplug it from the socket.
  2. Be careful when installing apps from the app store. Never allow apps from Unknown sources. There are potentially harmful apps on the online store unless they are reported and taken down from the store.
  3. When connecting external devices to your Smart TV, it is imperative that they are malware free. Otherwise, you end up affecting your Smart TV and can let third-parties access your data.
  4. Simply reduce your online activities via Smart TV. Keep your virtual life to a minimum on Smart TV. Else, it’s akin to inviting data leaks.

Ivacy VPN to the rescue!

It is ideal to use a VPN because for one, your internet traffic is encrypted and you will also be able to unblock geo-restricted content. Netflix US is not available everywhere but with Ivacy VPN you can bypass geo-restrictions.

Moreover, since privacy is of utmost importance, make sure you are using a no logs VPN provider i.e. Ivacy that does not keep tabs on its user’s internet activity. Your IP address remain hidden and you become anonymous to cyber criminals, ISPs and government surveillance.

For an Android based Smart TV, setting up VPN is fairly easy as well. So what are you waiting for?! Become protected.

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