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Halloween Sale 2018 – Discounts Up To 87% Off

So Halloween is less than a week away now and the excitement is already in the air. I mean go to your café or to your nearby grocery store or pretty much anywhere really and you will find kids and adults alike talking about Halloween. And why not. This is one time in the year where you can dress up as anyone you want. But that’s not all there is to it. There is so much more like Halloween deals and discounts, decors, candies and even clearance sales relevant to the occasion.

But wait, before we move on, we would like to point out why it is important for you to ensure you need to stay protected online against any and all cyber threats this Holiday. Mostly, during the holiday season or when there is an online shopping spree, hackers seek to tap into users’ information while they are in the process of executing their transactions via e-commerce.

It is thus, crucial that a suitable VPN such as Ivacy is employed so that your shopping activities remain protected. Whilst protected against online threats/cybercriminals, not only is your sensitive information safe, but your IP address is masked as a result. And with an additional discount, it’s now even more affordable to stay secure this Halloween and the ones to come after it.

Halloween Sale – Do I Need To Grab This VPN Deal? (87% Discount)

Yes, you should get yourself some protection from the real ghosts and evil spirits that haunt the digital world. And in case you’re wondering, we’re offering a Halloween sale (87% OFF, FLAT!). Because the only thing you should fear is the neighbor’s kid dressed up as Michael Myers.

Okay, let’s not waste time and see what’s on offer this Halloween including the fancy Halloween costumes, Halloween treats as well as video games.

Halloween Sale – Costumes

Of course, Halloween isn’t exactly a Halloween without all of those fancy garbs and costumes we put on. This is one day in a year where you and especially your kids can be anything they want from the Frankenstein’s monster to a mummy, a vampire, a zombie or even a superhero like Wonder Woman or, Superman, Spider-Man or even everyone’s favorite, the Batman.

So if you’re looking for something that is both slick and affordable you’ve come to the right because there are quite a few sites offering sale and clearance on Halloween costumes. Here are a few websites you can check out for the deals.

Note: We don’t mean to scare you this Halloween, but real ghouls and ghosts exist in this dangerous cyber-world. So protect the spirit of Halloween and your online costume purchases using Ivacy. 

1. Spirit Halloween

If you check out Spirit Halloween’s homepage or the linked URL ( ), you can find up to 20% off on the available costumes. Can it get any better? Let’s check out the other Halloween deals too.

2. is actually offering coupons for not just costumes, but for so much more including decors and even cell phones. Head to their website ( for more. Be sure to secure your transactions using Ivacy’s 256-bit encryption.

3. Customer Craze

Never heard of this great site? Well, now you do! Head over to the linked page ( to avail huge discounts that go up to 90% on certain items.

4. Customer Discounters

This one is just for the lovely ladies looking to get into the attire of their favorite super-heroine like the Black Widow or want to dress up like Tracer from the Blizzard’s hit shooter, Overwatch. There are other costumes on discount too. Head over to now to avail the discounts.

5. Groupon and is a website pretty similar in nature to But here, you can find amazing Halloween deals on items offered by which might not be available if you buy them directly from HalloweenCostumes without the coupon. So just click on the link ( and avail the breath-taking discounts today.

Halloween Sale Décor

Another thing that pops into our heads when we talk about Halloween is home décor. Is a Halloween really that spooky if you haven’t themed your place to give off that feeling of a haunted house? If you’re willing to go the extra mile and make your house really really spooky, check out these deals for home décor.

Note: Never buy anything online without securing your device and internet connection. So stay safe, secure your online shopping by getting Ivacy VPN at 87% Halloween discount.

1. eBay

Want a website that only ships its items across the whole world, offers insane Halloween deals and has a huge variety? Well, then just check out eBay. By visiting you can not only grab the linked item at a huge discount but also find your way to other splendid deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. SpiritHalloween

This website comes back to haunt you once again, and not in a bad way at all. If your browser through the site you can also find links that offer great discounts on décor items as well. See this link for instance

3. Wayfair

Wayfair has some scary Halloween deals for some really creepy out outdoor decors this Halloween. Follow the link to see what incredible stuff they have on offer. BE sure to check out other items too while you’re at it.

4. Kmart

Kmart is another familiar in online shopping. But did you know Kmart is home to some sensational deals on Halloween-themed décor? If no, then better hurry and visit the link to see what’s on sale this Spooktober.

Halloween Sale Treat – Chocolate and Candies

This time your neighborhood kids shout “trick or treat” always go for the treats with a smile on your face. Here are some websites offering super discounts.

Note: While buying treats and candies online, be sure to secure your purchases and credentials by getting Ivacy at 87% discount.

1. Skittles and Starburst

If you’re looking for economical options, check out this Groupon page for Skittles and Starburst variety pack. Add more flavors to the event with this Halloween deal.

2. Fear Not

This name is true and ironic on so many levels. Fear Not is a dairy-free chocolate that not only takes the horrors out of the Halloween, it’s also really affordable and also mouth-watering. If you’re looking for mini chocolates that have the Halloween theme on them, taste great and are affordable, this has to be your best pick.

3. Sour Patch

Of course, Halloween isn’t all sweet. It has to have that little sour patch too. Know what I mean? Sour Patch is one of the most-loved, most-savored candy for kids. So if you’re feeling really generous on this monstrous night, this Halloween candy deal by Target isn’t worth missing out on. Also, check out other treats offered by Target. Here’s the link.

Oh, wait. We promised other deals and sales on Halloween too, didn’t we? So here they are. Some of the best deals on video games and movies this Halloween.

Best Halloween Sale and Deals 2018 (20% OFF On All Items!)

Steam, the digital game publishing platform keeps coming up with discounts and flash sales across the year. However, for dedicated gaming fans, the Halloween Sale AKA Autumn Sale is perhaps the biggest to benefit from. It takes place right after the Summer sale. Since it is Halloween clearance, the Steam Sale takes place in October.

Halloween Sale is a spooky event and mysteries surrounds the festival. The same can also be said about the Steam Sale 2018 date. It may be a mystery but the internet talks.

According to communities that observe the Halloween Sale closely, it is expected to take place around October 26th and you can avail 20% Flat Discount on everything. So keep checking out or the Steam community around that time to avail the sale as soon as it goes live.

Nothing can be said for certain about the date, but it is based on on the sale that took place last year, which took place around the same date. The sale usually ends on October 31st, so expect the sale to run for a week or so. But the question here is what will be on sale? Well, that’s a tricky one right there. But, we can expect a combination of indie hits such as the likes of Dead Cells or Into the Breach. Also, expect a mix of classic games such as Valve’s own back catalog. Also, you will be able to grab deals on last year’s notable games, Bethesda’s Prey and Far Cry 5.

What is Steam Halloween Sale?

Simply put, Steam is a platform for gamers, which by the way allows you to purchase games and other in-game add-ons like skins or different items for this Halloween Sale 2018.

The platform was developed by Valve, founded by Gabe Newell. It helps gamers manage their library. As a user, you can also benefit from a beta gaming experience, and if you are a developer you can publish your own games (and DLC’s) as well.

A must have for any gaming fanatic!

A VPN may not only be required for when you are shopping online. You could very well be needing it to watch your favorite horror content during the Halloween sales and clearance season. So here it goes.

How to Watch Netflix Content Outside the US

See, the best medium to stream content today is without a shadow of a doubt, Netflix. If you are a horror fan then you have come to the right place – since it has got it all. Although you can access content anywhere in the world, however, it would be localized content for you, nothing more.

The top-billed TV shows and movies streaming in the US at the time will be unavailable to you if you are located outside of the US. But when it’s time for some Trick ‘r Treat, geo-restrictions shouldn’t be the reason for you to miss out on the best in horror TV shows and films.

You can safely bypass geo-restricted Netflix content this season by using Ivacy VPN. Oh, and do not let your ISP hold you back due to speed throttling. With Ivacy, you not only unblock US Netflix content but also become anonymous which subsequently cannot be tracked by your ISP or other third parties.

Stream free. Stream effortlessly. Stream with Ivacy!

Can I Be Treated to Netflix Deals This Halloween Sale

It is a very valid question. If you go to Netflix, you will notice that Netflix does not have any such deals in order for Halloween Sale. Although, what Netflix has done is create a dedicated category about Halloween Sale where it lists down all the relevant content pertaining to Halloween Sale, BUT for that, you will have to be connected from the US IP.

You can do that in the following manner:

  • Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  • Download and install Ivacy on your preferred device or configure it on your VPN compatible router
  • Launch the app, and connect to the US server to access Netflix or simply connect to Netflix US from under ‘Smart Purpose Selection’ tab
  • You can find and enjoy all of Halloween Sale related movies/ TV shows under a single category!

Horror Movies and TV Shows coming to Netflix in October

Hold the Dark NETFLIX FILM  – Available 9/28/18

The Shining (1980) – Available 10/1/18

Truth or Dare (2017) – Available 10/4/18


The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)

Malevolent NETFLIX FILM – Available 10/5/18

Apostle NETFLIX FILM – Available 10/12/18

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell NETFLIX ORIGINAL

The Haunting of Hill House NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Haunted NETFLIX ORIGINAL – Available 10/19/18

Castlevania: Season 2 NETFLIX ORIGINAL – Available 10/26/18

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Alternatives to Netflix US

1. Popcorn Time

We do not condone the use of Popcorn Time (although, free) it is illegal to stream content via Popcorn Time. A few years ago the platform came under fire and was taken down by authorities. Now that it is back up again, it is advisable that you use a Popcorn time VPN service, like Ivacy, so that you may stay out of trouble.

There may be times when Netflix is inaccessible or you just wish to resort to another streaming platform for watching exclusive content. Let’s understand this with an example here, say, Hulu. It’s Halloween Sale season and the best show out there easily would be Handmaid’s Tale, hands down.

The show has garnered critical acclaim and is the best spooky/creepy show you would want to give a go this Halloween Sale season. The actress who plays the lead, Elizabeth Moss, has won a Primetime Emmy for her portrayal in the show, and so have other cast members and technical crew.

However, the sad reality is the show is not available on Netflix, as it is exclusive to Hulu. On the other hand, Popcorn Time is one such media streaming platform which bundles all the best shows and movies from a wide array of streaming services into one. So you can have Handmaid’s Tale and Haunting of the Hill House all in one place.

2. Hulu VPN

Hulu, as discussed above, is yet another streaming giant. You will find it to be blocked in certain regions which is why you will have to resort to a decent Hulu VPN so that you may be able to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy some of the exclusive content which is only available on Hulu.

3. Kodi VPN

Kodi is an open source media streaming platform. Kodi app runs on add-ons and there are both official and unofficial add-ons. We do not condone the use of unofficial add-ons as it is illegal and punishable by law. Therefore, always resort to official add-ons and stream any or all content that you like!

But if you must, remember to use a Kodi VPN so your actual IP address is masked and neither your ISP nor government bodies will be able to keep tabs on your online activity that way. Once you are anonymous, you can browse the wealth of content that Kodi add-ons have to offer without having to worry about a DMCA notice or speed throttling. Again, WE DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF ILLEGAL MEANS/ADDONS for streaming.

Hurry Up! Halloween Sale 2018 Is Right Around the Corner

As stated previously, the Steam Sale is your best chance at grabbing some amazing discounts on games and in the process avail some exciting VPN deals to protect your information and identity online such as with Ivacy. Also, there are Halloween costumes sales that you can benefit from.

Not that you will find it everywhere, but in certain countries, when shopping online you can avail discounts. With a VPN you can do just that! You learn about a country where discounts are a hit, you connect from the said region and voila, you are ready to get a good deal on Halloween Sale costumes.

Save 50% OFF on Costumes at ThinkGeek

Mind-blowing discount is offered at the ThinkGeek store. Previously the store was offering 30% but now the discount is raised to 50%
The simplicity and Price offered at the store is great for customers in the season, especially the Star Trek TNG Uniform Hoodie, which you can have just in $12.50. Keep in mind you have to shop at least $35 to avail the free shipping.

Custome Halloween Door Matt with your Family Name on it

Wallmart is selling personalize home decor. This spooky doormat includes your family name on the top and six costume characters below the name. The store promises to deliver all the items (Halloween) before Oct,24, one whole week before Halloween.

50 Percent OFF on Crazy Dog Halloween Shirts

Crazy Dog is quite a decent brand when it comes to shirts, get the Pumpkin faced T-shirt only in $7.99. The best part, shipping is free on all the items listed after applying the promo code GHOSTED.

The Best Deal – 30 Hershey’s candy bar for $13.99

This is your chance to become the kid’s Superman. Kids will be stampeding at your doorstep for more and the spirit of celebrating Halloween will be rejoiced. Get all the best chocolate and candy deals to make all faces happy, the deal includes Hershey’s, Kit Kat and Reese’s.

When Is The Next Steam Sale Due

The Steam Sale occurs during the following periods over the course of a year.

  • Steam Summer Sale (June 22nd)
  • Steam Halloween Sale (October 26th)
  • Steam Black Friday Sale (November 22nd)
  • Steam Winter Sale (December 21st)

Given the schedule above, the next Steam Sale will be right around Black Friday season on November 22nd, 2018 to be exact. As for the use of VPN when making purchases on Steam, it really does not matter as Steam can be accessed anywhere in the world and the price for games listed therein does not vary from region to region, either.

Still, you can’t be too careful. It is important to stay anonymous online and mask your IP address, as there are dangers lurking in every corner of the internet. Hackers, cybercriminals, and malware disguised as offers can all come into play, ready to get you, especially when the shopping season is at an all-time high!


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