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Best Covenant Alternatives for Kodi

The very popular add-on for Kodi which was running by the name of Covenant wraps up its game leaving many Kodi users in great awe. The said add-on could originally be found under the “Colossus Repository” which has been getting legal threats and was finally shut down the previous night.

The news came in as a shocker when one of the developers of the Colossus Group posted on his Twitter account that the Colossus Repository is no more.

Nonetheless, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. If other developers of the Kodi universe step forward and take responsibility, there might be a chance that Covenant add-on survives. After the death of Colossus Repository, we tried installing Covenant and some of the movie links were still working appropriately.

Besides the Colossus Repository, you can still try the installation of Covenant with Kodil Repository which still is very alive.

Best Covenant Add-on Alternatives

Covenant was undoubtedly a brilliant haven to stream HD movies and TV shows. However, fortunately, Kodi offers a variety of other add-ons for its users to watch their favorite content on Kodi and remain entertained. Some among them are as follows.

1. Poseidon Kodi addon

In a very short span of time, Poseidon is one of the alternatives for Covenant add-on on Kodi has become exceptionally popular among Kodi users. It is undoubtedly one of the best sources to stream HD movies and TV shows on Kodi. Surprisingly not many Kodi users know about this add-on.

2. Plexus Kodi addon

You can now stream your favorite content including TV shows, movies, sports etc. via the Plexus add-on, one of the similar add-ons to Covenant add-on. It is said to be a third-party peer-to-peer streaming add-on which makes the streaming experience worth your while.

The steps to installing Plexus Kodi add-on are pretty simple as opposed to other add-ons which take a while or becomes too overwhelming for the user.

While we make a mention of how Plexus makes the life easy, it is equally essential that a mention of its shortcoming also be made. There are certain bugs or errors which can prevent Plexus to install in the first place. The errors could be due to the source file.

It is common for the source links to go down due to server load and as a result, they are blocked. For example, many users of Plexus are fond of downloading the add-on from the following source: What people don’t know, is that the source does not function if the link was shut down. The link only came back up, recently.

Moreover, with any streaming platform, lagging issues are part and parcel. They tend to persist and can lead to extreme annoyance for you as a user. Another reason is that the zip file you will use to install the add-on will often be out-of-date.

Now, there are many repositories and for a user, it can be confusing as to which zip file to opt and which will actually work.

3. Not Sure Kodi addon

Do not fall for its name. This is the most sought after Kodi add-on for streaming movies after 123Movies stopped working. With this add-on installed, you will never again, miss out on any Hollywood movie or those Netflix productions.

Not Sure is another Covenant add-on alternatives add-on gives you the freedom to stream your favorite content, although relatively new, it has a long way to go.

Experts in Kodi are calling this a potential success story where it will overshadow other add-ons. Not Sure has made quite the name for itself in the market and so have surfaced certain limitations. Not Sure says “no streams”. This can be due to streams which are extremely fresh or are very old for Not Sure to retrieve.

Also, errors like “failed to install dependency” occurs. This could be due to issues with the version of Not Sure since a variety of domains provide access to single repository among which some are outdated. Thus, fails to install. You don’t have to be sacred if it doesn’t work, guys.

4. Gurzil Kodi addon

The Smash Repository came up with Gurzil, a new add-on for Kodi which offers a lot of movies and TV shows. It is a fork of Exodus hence the layout is more or less the same with just a few variations. The links are updated and working flawlessly, however, using an authentic VPN with Kodi is always advised for privacy and security. If you’re looking for an authentic pocket-friendly VPN to use with Kodi then go for Ivacy as it has multiple high-speed servers around the world with no logs or throttling.

Watching paid content on Kodi for free is illegal in certain countries. Anonymize yourself with Ivacy VPN and watch any content anywhere in the world.

The Final Blow

Colossus Repository has been forcefully axed reason being legal threats. Unfortunately, it has taken down Covenant add-on along with it. The news came in as a major shock for numerous Kodi users and Covenant fans. Nevertheless, hopefully, the silver lining, in this case, would be that Kodi Covenant add-on alternatives will take over and save the day. Therefore, enjoy the aforementioned alternatives and continue watching your favorite content on Kodi.

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