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How to install USTVnow Plus on Kodi

How to Install USTV Now Plus Add-on on Kodi XBMC

USTVnow Plus is one of the most sought-after Kodi addons for watching American programs live outside the US. With it, you can have access to a wide variety of US content from any corner of the world. Before installing USTVnow Plus on Kodi, you must sign up to a USTVnow account.

Note that if you have installed USTVnow Plus prior to August 2015, you will have to reinstall it now. Also, if you have used Config Wizard or installed TVMC earlier than August 2015, you can start directly from step 11.

Setting up USTVnow Plus is quite easy. Let’s check out how to install USTVnow Plus on Kodi.

Install USTVnow on Kodi

Step 1:

Visit ‘USTVnow website’. Sign up with your email.

Website of USTV now streaming channel

Step 2:

Choose the ‘Plan’ that best suits your needs. Click on ‘Select’ button at the bottom.

Subscription Plans for USTV Now Plus

Step 3:

Choose ‘sign up with email’ option. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google+ accounts.

Free Plan Sign up

Step 4:

Navigate to Kodi main screen and select ‘PROGRAMS’ option.

Kodi Main Screen

Step 5:

From the list, select ‘Addon Installer’ option. You can read about how to install the Addon Installer on Kodi. Note that the installation of Addon Installer is a prerequisite to setup USTVnow Plus on Kodi.

Add-ons screen

Step 6:

Select ‘Featured Addons’ option from the grid.

Add-on Installer screen

Step 7:

Choose ‘USTVnow Plus’ addon from the grid.

Add-on installer screen. USTV now add-on

Step 8:

Click on ‘USTVnow Plus’ icon.

Add-on Installer screen. USTV Now icon

Step 9:

Hit the ‘Install’ button to install USTVnow Plus addon on Kodi.

Install USTVnow Plus addon on Kodi

Step 10:

Wait for few moments. Click ‘OK’ button for confirmation.

Downloading in process
Success dialog box. OK.

Watch USTVnow on Kodi

Step 1:

Return to Kodi main screen and click on ‘VIDEOS’ option.

Main screen of Kodi

Step 2:

Select ‘Addons’ option under ‘VIDEOS’ tab.

Kodi Main screen. Addons option

Step 3:

Click on ‘USTVnow Plus’ option on the list.

Video Add-on Screen

Step 4:

Hit ‘OK’ button. Do ensure that you have already signed up with your account on USTVnow website. This is the first run setup.

Video Add-ons USTV now Plus dialog box

Step 5:

Type in your USTVnow ’email address’ in the space by using the on-screen keyboard.

On screen keyboard. USTV now Account

Step 6:

Hit the ‘Done’ button.

On screen keyboard. Email accont

Step 7:

Type your USTVnow ‘account password’. Again hit the ‘Done’ button on the on-screen keyboard.

USTV Account Password. On screen keyboard
USTV Now account password. Done button. onscreen keyboard

Step 8:

Click on the ‘OK’ button to exit the first run setup.

Video Add-ons. USTV now dialog box

Step 9:

From the listing, select the ‘TV Guide’ option.

Video add-ons. USTV now screen. List

Step 10:

Hit the ‘OK’ button to dismiss the update message.

Videos - USTV Now Plus screen

Step 11:

Click on the ‘TV Guide’ option again.

Video add-ons. USTV now screen. List

Step 12:

A complete ‘Program Guide’ will open up. Select the one program that you want to watch.

USTV now Program Gallery screen

Step 13:

Wait for a few moments as the ‘USTVnow Plus streaming service’ loads.

USTV now Plus Open Stream

Congrats! You have successfully install USTVnow Plus addon on Kodi. You can now watch all your favorite programs on USTVnow and enjoy a luxurious streaming experience on Kodi.

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Did this tutorial successfully help you to install USTVnow Plus on Kodi? Share your opinions, give us your suggestions, or even post your queries in the comments’ section below!

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