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15 All Time Best Horror Movies On Crackle – Halloween Special (Updated 2022)

Crackle is a streaming platform with a plethora of Halloween horror movies and if you are able to get your hands on it, then you are in a treat for best horror movies on Crackle. Some of the finest spine-chilling horror flicks are on Crackle. So if you are up for a challenge, we dare you to try watching these films before October 31st.

However, it can be troubling for some folks if you are not located in the US or Canada, because Crackle is geo-restricted, and if you are in a place other than above, you cannot access it.  However, you can always unblock it by using a VPN that supports fast video streaming.

How Can I Watch Best Horror Movies On Crackle From Anywhere

To access Crackle from anywhere outside of the US or Canada region, follow these simple guidelines and you are good to go:

  • Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  • Download and install Ivacy on your preferred device or you can also configure it on your VPN enabled router
  • In the app, connect from the US/Canada region or under ‘Purpose Selection’ go to Crackle US
  • Enjoy the spookiest Halloween movies on Crackle with ease

Now that you know, how you can access Crackle from anywhere, it’s time to find out what collection of movies are making rounds close to the Halloween festival.

1. Boogeyman 2 [2008]

The story of Boogeyman is that of a young woman haunted by an ongoing phobia of the boogeyman being real. Little does she know that the Boogeyman is in fact real. She later checks herself into a mental hospital in the hopes of setting her head straight, but instead, it becomes a battle of good vs. evil, where she has to confront her demons. Are you ready to stream this horror movie on Crackle?

2. Silent Hill [2006]

A grieving mother is unable to accept the fact that her daughter is on the verge of dying. She decides on visiting a faith healer, and during their transit, she crosses into a reality with a town called Silent Hill. A darkness has taken over the town, and the grieving mother comes to a realization that a sacrifice will be needed if she and her daughter are to make it out alive.

3. Wrong Turn [2003]

A group of friends runs into car trouble somewhere in West Virginia. A motorist apparently crashes into their downed vehicle, and from that point forward the real thrills begin. Unbeknownst to them, they find themselves in a territory of cannibals. They are hungry and out to hunt unless the group of friends can prove to be cleverer in order to save their lives. It is one of the most edge-of-the-seat thrillers you can stream on Crackle.

4. When A Stranger Calls [2006]

Ever got one of those calls where there is a stranger speaking to you in a cold calculated voice? We hope not. But what if you did receive any such call? That would sure be very frightening and that’s what “When A Stranger Calls” is all about. We see Camilla Belle as a high school teenager who is harassed by a terrifying prankster on call.

5. Wolf [1994]

An aging author is bitten by a wolf in Vermont which restores him to his youthful glory. At his job, he discovers that he is fired and instead, a young executive has taken over his place. He struggles to gain his old job back while at the same time he becomes infatuated with his former boss’s daughter.

During this time he is faced with animal-like urges and begins to wonder that if he might be a werewolf. This movie goes well with the theme of Halloween just in case if you are willing to watch this horror movie on Crackle with your friends.

6. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein [1994]

Viktor Frankenstein is shown sharing a tale where he was a sea captain at the time and was involved in experiments where he brought back a creature to life by assembling body parts once. Things went haywire and he abandoned the creature to lead a normal life with his fiancee.

Now he’s on his deathbed but that creature is back and demands a price, either a bride or revenge. Easily one of the best horror movies on Crackle you can watch this Halloween.

7. Detention [2011]

Cinderella is a killer who is on a killing spree and has targeted a student body of a local school. The group which is attacked are a bunch of co-eds and is currently serving their time in detention. Their detention becomes a fight for survival. It is an intense and one of the best Halloween movies on Crackle.

8. The Messengers [2007]

Stars Kristen Stewart of the Twilight fame as Jess who with her family moves to the quiet farm of North Dakota. Little do they realize that a nightmare is waiting to happen. The family sees petrifying apparitions and finds themselves at the mercy of supernatural forces hell-bent on causing them harm. It is a race against time before Jess can save their family. If you have not watched it then you should add it to your watchlist of horror movies you can watch this Halloween on Crackle.

9. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark [2010]

Sally arrives at her 19th-century mansion which her father and his girlfriend are in the process of restoring. Sally played by Katie Holmes discovers a secret basement in the mansion. She unwillingly releases a pack of terrifying creatures that will drag her and her family into the depths of hell!

10. Night of the Living Dead [1990]

Simply put, this flick deals with the living dead who are back and are hungry AF! They want humans for supper. Enough said.

11. Grave Encounters [2011]

Do camera footages creep you out? Well, turns out, they creep out a lot of people. So much so that this entire film is shot footage-style. The story follows people behind a paranormal reality TV show as they lock themselves in an abandoned psychiatric hospital that is rumored to be haunted.

12. Howl [2015]

Train Guard Joe Griffin played by Ed Speleers is forced into an overnight shift on a train. In homes of getting to meet the woman he’s in love with, he agrees, only to have the train derail in a forest on a full moon. With no help and werewolves on the loose, people on the train need to find a way to survive until the dawn breaks.

13. Train to Busan [2016]

Imagine going to meet your mother on your birthday only to be trapped in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Don’t think that could ever happen? Well, that is what happens to Seok-Woo and his daughter in Train to Busan.

14. The Clearing [2020]

Zombies, missing people, and murder? Coming right up! The Clearing follows the story of a father who must survive through a zombie apocalypse in order to find his daughter when she goes missing after her camping trip turns into a disaster.

15. The Uninvited [2009]

After losing her mother in a fire, Anna is moved to a mental asylum for a while her father’s new girlfriend moves on. Upon release, Anna starts sensing things that tell her that Rachel is dangerous. How far will Anna go to save her father and sister?

All Set To Stream Your Favorite Movies On Crackle? But, Wait! Is Crackle Free?

Halloween marks a festival that is not just spooky but an occasion for the friends and families celebrating to revel in treats, dressing up in scary costumes, and pranks. Most people find Halloween as an excuse to stream the most horrifying movies on Crackle and the likes.

You may be wondering if Crackle streaming is free? Yes, the service is absolutely free, but again, for those residing in Canada or the US. If you are living outside of these regions you will have a hard accessing it let alone accessing it for free. Therefore, it is advisable to resort to the Ivacy VPN that enables a user to bypass geo-restrictions and lets you stream all your favorite content as if it were a piece of cake!


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