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How to Watch UFC on Kodi FREE | Best Kodi Addons for UFC 249 (Updated May 2020)


UFC has a massive fan-following around the world and is easily the most popular mixed martial arts tournament. However, the event is aired in specific countries, which are region-locked, that too on selected channels. This means that if you do not live in any of these countries you’ll miss all the live-action for sure.

To make matters worse, sponsors and providers are keeping the important matches of UFC as paid ones. It means you can’t directly stream the UFC matches on your device. You need to pay for watching a match. That is called PPV (Pay Per View). This made the users search for free sources to watch UFC for free. This is where UFC on Kodi comes into the play.

You can live stream UFC on Kodi if you have a VPN for Kodi. That’s right, especially Ivacy VPN will allow you to unblock region-locked channels and catch all the action live for free, that too with complete convenience. More importantly, it’ll help you stay above the radar.

Warning: Using Kodi without a VPN is Dangerous!

Two VERY IMPORTANT reasons why you should use a Kodi VPN.

1. Using ILLEGAL Kodi Addons are Dangerous without a VPN: Most of the Kodi users are installing the ILLEGAL Kodi addons on their system to access all the latest movies, TV shows, sports, music, and much more for FREE, than a legal Kodi addon where it has the least content in it. But do you know what? The video content on illegal addons is scraped and copyrighted material. If you are accessing them on Kodi, then your activities will be monitored by your ISP by tracking your IP and gives all the information to the government or companies if they request for it. This will land you in trouble. To stay away from this, you will have to connect to a VPN where it hides your identity by rotating your IP address while streaming Kodi content. This is how you will be safe from the prying eyes.


2. Bypass Geo-Restriction: As the access to streaming UFC is restricted only to selected regions, we strongly recommend you to use a virtual private network (VPN) whenever you desire to catch all the UFC action live. A VPN masks your IP address and makes you anonymous online, thus helping you live stream UFC on Kodi without any trouble. It does this by encrypting and rerouting the internet traffic through a fast server placed at the location of your choice.


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UFC on Kodi: Livestream UFC 249 on Kodi

Here’s how to live stream UFC on Kodi:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN (move to step 2 if you already have.)
  2. Configure Ivacy VPN on Kodi
  3. Change IP location to UK or US with the help of the VPN
  4. Install Planet MMA Addon from Supremacy repository.
  5. Enjoy live streaming UFC via Kodi without any hassle.

Livestream UFC through Kodi without having to worry about geo-restrictions or legal hassles. Use a UFC VPN to stream with complete internet freedom!

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How to set up Planet MMA (previously UFC Finest) on Kodi

The Planet MMA add-on is one of the best Kodi add-ons available for use. It not only helps you live stream all the UFC fights but you can also stream replays, movies, and UFC documentaries as well.

In order to install Planet MMA Addon for Kodi, you must first add the Supremacy Repository. Here’s how you can proceed:

Note:  The build we are using is Kodi v17.6 “Krypton”, also the content is region-locked so a VPN for UFC is a must.

  1. Launch Kodi and go to System
  2. Go to File Manager
  3. Click twice on Add Source on the left side
  4. Tap “None
  5. Enter the following link in the field
  6. Give it the name “Sup
  7. Click on OK
  8. Return to the home screen and go to Add-ons
  9. Click on the ‘Unbox‘ icon in the top left corner
  10.  Select ‘Install from zip file
  11. Now select ‘sup’ folder
  12. Select the files respectively ‘repository.supremacy-x.x>
  13. Wait for ‘Add-on Installed‘ notification to pop up in the top-right corner of your screen.
  14.  Go one step back and select ‘Install from repository
  15. Select Supremacy
  16. Go to Video Add-ons
  17. Select Planet MMA
  18. Click on the ‘Install‘ button
  19. Wait for ‘Planet MMA Addon Installed‘ notification to pop up in the top right corner of the screen.
  20. Go to Add-ons and click on Planet MMA to launch the add-on
  21. If the addon doesn’t run that is because of geo-restrictions issues. Your way out is connecting to a Kodi VPN

It is highly recommended to run a VPN when using Kodi to ensure that your Internet Service Provider and/or government isn’t logging your streaming activity.

And that’s it! Planet MMA is now installed on Kodi. All you have to do is wait for the fight night as Planet MMA will upload working links to UFC fights. This means you can live stream UFC 249 on Kodi without a worry in the world!

If you live stream UFC fights on Kodi or other third-party add-ons, there’s a fair chance that you may get a DMCA notice.

Here’s a video demonstration of the said procedure:

Kodi works fittingly well on TV Boxes, Mac, Firestick, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and a majority of other platforms.  It is also worth mentioning that streaming UFC 249 on Kodi will not cost you a dime. Hence, you can easily live stream Adesanya vs. Romero online FREE by installing Kodi on your device.

Well, not just that, there are far more ways to stream Adesanya vs. Romero.

Alternatives to Planet MMA for UFC on Kodi

Apart from the five more methods to stream Adesanya vs. Romero on Kodi, if you are looking at alternative means to stream UFC on Kodi, you can do it in two of the following ways:

1. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is a very reliable Kodi addon for UFC fights. With SportsDevil you can access an infinite number of links to streaming sports and the real challenge is figuring out which addon actually works. With SportsDevil there is an option by the name of “schedule” that lets you access what is currently hot in sports on television.

Again, there is no way to be certain if what “schedule” tells is accurate but still you can get an idea from there. In the main menu, you can choose to skip Favorites, Highlights, Blogs, and Live TV. The only menu items relevant are Live Sports and Sports TV.

Point is, you can have a fairly higher chance of finding UFC streaming links on SportsDevil than any other addon we can think of. Meaning, that the persons or the team behind SportsDevil thus, are responsible for updating all the stream links from time to time.

2. Made in Canada IPTV

So if you are looking for the appropriate channels to stream UFC, Made in Canada IPTV should be your pick. You will notice that it does not say “UFC” anywhere in its name but you can find the UFC content with a bit of digging.

For UFC fans what matters is that they don’t miss out on any major PPVs and if there are more than one means available, that’s a plus!

On Made in Canada IPTV you will have streams of the highest quality. Not only the quality but the load speed is fast as well. But be mindful of the timetable of the matches or else you won’t be able to tune in on time for the stream.

3. Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon Kodi addon is yet another medium to watch UFC on Kodi. It is an updated version of The Dogs Bollocks. In addition to UFC, you can count on the said addon for watching a variety of movies, TV shows, music, and documentaries, etc. Moreover, Magic Dragon offers only quality streams. So there’s that.

Watch UFC 249 Online with UFC Fight Pass

Using the UFC Fight Pass to catch UFC live via Kodi is the second option you have. In order to live stream UFC on Kodi with your UFC Fight Pass, you need to:

  1. Connect to Ivacy fastest US server.
  2. Navigate to UFC Fightpass and sign up for an account.

Get UFC Fight Pass at a Discount with Ivacy

We know a neat trick that you can use to get a mammoth discount on your UFC Fight Pass. By connecting to Ivacy’s Philippines server, you can get your UFC Fight Pass for just $24.89 instead of $56.96.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a VPN for UFC.
  2. Download and install the app on your respective device.
  3. Access the app; connect to a server in the Philippines.
  4. Once that is taken care of, access

Watch UFC 249 on Kodi from anywhere around the Globe!

If you want to watch UFC live stream on Kodi from countries other than the US or the UK, you must opt for a fast, reliable and affordable virtual private network (VPN) service like Ivacy. And with Kodi VPN such as Ivacy, you can live stream all the UFC matches without any online trouble.

Worried about getting caught streaming UFC fights on Kodi and other third-party add-ons? Use a VPN with UFC to live stream all your favorite UFC 249 fights for free!

UFC 249 Main Card

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, Adesanya will take on Romero at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, United States with his title on the line.



Enjoy UFC on Kodi device and watch all the action live as it unfolds. With a whopping 77 % off on 2-years free subscription plan, now is the time to subscribe to Ivacy UFC offer and watch UFC on Kodi without any hassle. You don’t have to worry about stumbling upon region-locked channels anymore.

So what are you waiting for?

With Ivacy VPN, you get unlimited bandwidth, so that you can enjoy your favorite UFC fights on Kodi with complete convenience. Ivacy works fittingly well with all Kodi addons. It is just a matter of time you get yourself an Ivacy VPN subscription to watch your favorite UFC athletes in action without any buffering issues.

Corona Virus UFC Update – The Coronavirus may have kept the Russian bear at bay, but not for long!

Khabib Nurmagomedov was unable to make it for the Tony Ferguson fight at UFC 249, as their “cursed” match-up got postponed for a record 5th time as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. In the aftermath, Ferguson was set up for Gaethje for the interim lightweight belt taking place on Saturday in Fla.

However, Khabib could make a comeback way sooner than anticipated before. He showed his determination to fight and “smash all of them” in July soon as Ramadan is over.

So, all hope is perhaps not lost for the most anticipated bout in the UFC’s history.


Fight Island & Mcgregor – A good combination?

As per a recent interview given by Dana White, Conor Mcgregor wants to fight and has been inquiring about dates on which he could fight on the fight island. Rumor has it, Masvidal could be matched up with Mcgregor rather than Kumaru Usman.

However, given the nature of the fight island and the highly unpredictable nature of the UFC star, we don’t know if it would be a good idea to bring him there. What do you think?

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