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Should I Use a VPN?

Use of a VPN is incumbent on internet users who are located in regions such as China which has strict resrictions in place with respect to internet censorship. Other than that, folks who aim to access their favroite websites or content should equally employ the Fastest VPN for unblocking geo-restricted content or simply to protect your privacy online.

Enhanced Security & Privacy

Enhanced Security
& Privacy

VPN service provides users with enhanced security and privacy. The Fastest VPN supports upto 256-bit Military Grade Encryption. This means no one will ever learn of your online whereabouts. The said encryption makes your online security impenetrable which keeps hackers and other cyber-criminals at bay.

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Get Access to Unlimited Content

Get Access to
Unlimited Content

You know how your favorite shows and websites are NOT accessible from your region. Well, with the Fastest VPN, you can bid farewell to geo-blocked content and instead gain access to unlimited content by connecting to a server in that region such as the US for complete library of Hulu, Netflix, etc.

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Avoid Data Retention

Avoid Data Retention

Data retention is done by companies such as Facebook, Google, Spotify, etc. to keep user data for retrieving it at a later data to resolve any disputes that may arise owing to services and subscriptions availed. Also, this is done to comply with government regulations in certain countries. The Fastest VPN does not log of user data and is in total compliance with GDPR guidelines. Fastest VPN is one you can count on!

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Escape Internet Censorship

Escape Censorship
& Web Limitation

Censorship laws and restricted websites limits user access to content. You can use the Fastest VPN for unblocking any and all content online in a matter of few clicks. Why ban web? It could be because of differing political narrative or religious beliefs in that country or hate speech propagated by a particular website which can prove to be detrimental for the nation as whole.

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Legal Issues Around VPN

  • When using a VPN, you seek to anonymize your browsing activities and habits online from prying eyes and surveillance by your ISP and government. Naturally, it does not sit well with the authorities as they are banking on your data to make money or spy on you.
  • By definition, the use of VPNs is not illegal but can be considered as such if found violating the law of the land or while engaging in illegal activities which are downright punishable under the court of law. On other occasions, legal issues might stem from the fact that you have breached terms of service such as accessing US Netflix outside of the US. But with the Fastest VPN, you don’t have to worry about it due to military grade encryption which makes IP detection next to impossible. The Fastest VPN believes in the freedom of Internet which is why does not log any activity as outlined in its Privacy Policy.
  • Use of a VPN for illegal activities like distribution of internet viruses, IP spoofing, copyright or trademark infringement and gaining illegal access to other computers or networks can land your in hot water with the authorities. Since they are punishable by law, you may be prosecuted and fined. So steer clear of the illegal stuff and you are good to go.
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When VPN is Illegal?

VPN is illegal for the following reasons. If found guilty of practicing these activities, it can lead to prison time and hefty fines. So while using a VPN, tread carefully.

Spamming through email or any other means

Using the VPN service for spamming users with unsolicited or phishing emails can get you in trouble with authorities.

Accessing or distributing inappropriate material

Accessing questionable content is illegal and its distribution is equally so. Using a VPN for such purposes is illegal.

Attempting to hackaccounts or emails

Hacking accounts and others’ emails is governed by cyber-security laws. Using a VPN to practice such attempts can lead to prison time and fines.

Theft, scamming
or Fraud

Identity theft or engaging in fradulent activities online to steal user data and money is punishable under court of law and use of a VPN does not help.

Spreading viruses
and malware

Using a VPN to spread malware and viruses can lead to jail time and heavy fines.

and Hacking

Cyberstalking and online harassment are equally punishable by law and using a VPN to engage in it can put you on the receiving end of the law.

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An Award-Winning VPN For 2019

Ivacy has remained a leading VPN provider in the industry for over a decade now, and has pioneered several widely accepted features like Split Tunneling. The company was also awarded the Fastest VPN Award in 2019 for its exceptional speed.

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