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Is planning to travel to a country and is looking for great adventures and, easy and secure travel through the country, and he pretty much knows how to save on domestic flights while he isn’t there.

using IVACY

David can use a Switch his location to look like a local resident and get resident prices and book his tickets.

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is waiting for his flight at the airport and needs to book a hotel and he knows he cannot trust his credit card data to an open public Wifi hotspot at the airport. since its highway to exposing his financial data.

using IVACY

He easily scans and ensures a secure connectivity.

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Finally arrives and is directly headed to his hotel, on the way decides to share his experience with his friends on the social network. OH HO!
The Social network he uses is blocked in the country he is in....

using IVACY

David has no problems. He can easily bypass the censorship, and look post all his experiences!

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After a long journey goes to bed to get some rest, and suddenly realises that it’s time for his favorite show. He quickly takes out his MyPad to stream the channel he watch.

using IVACY

He can easily access the channel which is only available in his home country by using an IP of his country.

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While at the hotel receives a call... its His Boss!
He urgently wants an important file that is currently in his Personal computer at home.

using IVACY

He can easily access and copy files using a dedicated IP and remotely access his Personal PC.

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is now almost at the end of his journey. He checks out from the hotel and arrives at the airport. While on the plane, he decides to shop online to avail a special offer before it ends but there are no mobile signals.

using IVACY

David connects to the plane's Wi-Fi and goes online to buy items securely while being completely anonymous on the network and away from prying eyes. Once he reaches home, he receives the items he ordered.

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Save Money On Flights, Car Rentals and More using a VPN for Travel

You can use a travel VPN to change your location/country in order to obtain the best deals, flight fares, vehicle rentals and buy other items for cheap that have different prices in different regions. With Ivacy VPN you can obtain IP addresses from various locations and get the best discounts and prices.

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Travelling to these Countries? You'll definitely need a VPN then...



The Chinese government censors popular websites from around the world like Youtube, Facebook and Picasa so accessing them in mainland China is impossible. In 2010 alone, China shut down a staggering 1.3 million sites, reducing the number of allowed sites by 41% and it's still heading south. That's why using a VPN in China is a must, especially if you wish to unblock popular sites like Google, YouTube and Facebook.



Trump's anti-privacy bill gives sweeping rights to third parties to snoop on personal data of internet users across the country. This data is then sold to the highest bidder who can use it to market their products through targeted online ads. That brings using a VPN in USA, into the realm of necessity



Russia's Internet Restriction Bill bars access to several websites from within the country. The bill not only censors the internet but also blacklists several websites, barring access to them from within the country.



The Australian government has approved the new Data Retention Law that allows ISPs and third-parties to collect your personal data without your consent. They can then log into your browsing habits, search history, personal details and much more and sell it to online marketers for money.



The UK has imposed stricter laws on the anti-privacy bill which clearly illustrates how internet users in the The UK are in no way protected, as their information is now available to the ISPs, to do as they please with it, which also includes being able to sell information to third parties.



Following the attempted military coup, the Turkish government has imposed stricter data retention laws over the years, giving the government sweeping powers to carry out intelligence operations and retain, log and analyze personal data of internet users without their consent.



Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, France has toughened up data retention laws, giving the government sweeping powers to retain customer data, calls, emails and much more.



In Finland, ISPs are legally obligated to store customer data without their consent up to 12 months. This logged data can be accessed by any competent authority without the need of a search warrant.


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Ivacy prides itself on its strategic network of servers in 100+ locations. Get real internet freedom with 200+ servers around the globe.

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Switch between our servers as many times as you want. Be here, there and everywhere with Ivacy.

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Ivacy VPN service has smart features to help you configure VPN according to your purpose with just a few clicks.

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Our servers are specifically optimized to give you the best speed for P2P file-sharing along with complete anonymity, security and privacy.

10 Multi Logins

Connect five different devices simultaneously with only one Ivacy account. Surf more, do more and utilize great features of Ivacy on five devices.

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Ivacy believes in complete internet freedom. So you can exchange unlimited data over Ivacy’s network without any restrictions.

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Ivacy is not only designed to protect your online privacy, but it is also equipped to give you the best speed possible. Browse the internet with a fast and secure VPN with Ivacy!

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling lets you split and prioritize your data traffic. You can route your official data through VPN tunnel, and less important stuff without the cover of VPN.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our proactive customer support representatives are always there to assist you. So, let us know what's not right, and our tech warriors will take care of it!

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