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Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a necessity these days especially for all fellow Swiss people. Let us shed some light on the data retention policies of Switzerland and the importance of a good Switzerland VPN. The data retention laws in Switzerland were introduced in 2002 and according to them, all the telecommunication providers and internet service providers are required to log and store their user's data for as long as six months. The IP addresses and web access details are to be monitored and logged for all online activities performed by anybody in Switzerland. The idea of having your online whereabouts ending up in a file somewhere is definitely not a great thought. However you can prevent yourself from this unsolicited prying by using a Virtual Private Network. A good Switzerland VPN like Ivacy, would provide you with the invisibility and anonymity so that there are no records of you being anywhere online.

understanding VPN

Understanding VPN

VPN is a group of private networks linked together over a public network, i.e. Internet. VPNs have benefited not only individuals but businesses too. They have not only made internet a secure place but have also helped in providing remote access to businesses and their employees across the world.

Our lives are so digitally intertwined now with our laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. that we are always exposed to the dangers lurking in the shadows of this digital space. Now some of you might think what have I got to hide? No one is after us. What will someone get from snooping around in my personal data?

Here is the answer to the above question. People can get access to your banking information, your sensitive personal information and use it for wrongful purposes. Thousands of cases surface each day related to hacking, data theft and mass data collection etc. It’s like living in a house of glass where everyone can see what you are doing from the outside. Hence, it’s always wise to be ready with armor when you are at the risk of being attacked, don’t you agree? Indeed. Why be vulnerable in the digital space without any security?

Let us tell you how you can shield yourself. The answer lies in using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A good Swiss VPN is like having your own personal bodyguard safeguarding your online presence from the evil eye. We are connected to the internet all the time and a VPN connection helps in protecting the privacy and security of our digital escapades.

why swiss VPN

Why You Need a VPN?

There are two sides to everything. If something is extremely advantageous then you bet there must be a downside to it as well. Same is the case with Internet. So in case you are wondering why you need a VPN, here are some of the reasons why you need one:

1 – Not Everyone is as Good as you: I understand the desperate need to see the good in everyone but it’s always wise to shield yourself from potential danger so you need the best Swiss VPN service.

2 – Investigator: Let’s say you are a business and you just want to keep up on your competitor’s marketing strategy. But whenever you visit their website, you announce your arrival with your IP address knocking over their door. Your IP address will not be logged anywhere when you use the best VPN for Switzerland.

3 – Living off of Search Engines: We all are extremely dependent on search engines. It is so common that Google has earned the status of a “Verb” in the English language. But isn’t it annoying knowing that everything you search is being saved. Yes, all your searches are logged but not if you use the best Switzerland VPN service.

4 – Video Calling: There are many countries that keep a strict surveillance over Voice over IP Services and Video Calling applications like Skype. If you are unable to chat with your loved ones due to geo-restrictions, you are in need of the best Switzerland VPN service.

5 – Streaming: We understand how frustrating it can be when everyone is raving about a certain TV show online that you are not able to watch because it’s not available in your country yet. This is one of the most common uses of VPN which is to jump the geographical barriers and manipulate your IP address to act as if you are from a different country. Never miss your favorite show again with the best VPN for Switzerland.

6 – Downloader: We all use torrents for our everyday entertainment needs. Even though you are permitted to download torrents and music legally according to Swiss laws, you still wouldn’t want to be added to the surveillance list or get in trouble, so it’s always safe to use a Switzerland VPN service for all your torrenting and downloading needs.

7 – Free Wi-Fi Hoarder: Humans want everything for free. It is a scientifically proven fact not an assumption. If you are among the people that love free Wi-Fi and don’t mind connecting to each and every free public connection they come across whether it’s a coffee shop, restaurant etc. you better shield your connection with a Best Switzerland VPN service.

8 – Privacy Fanatic: Call us crazy but we are privacy freaks. We wouldn’t want to know people are now seeing and judging what we did online yesterday. That’s a complete no-no so using the best Switzerland VPN service is a must.

There you have it, all the more reasons for you to use the best VPN for Switzerland now.

how to pick a vpn

How to Pick a VPN Service?

We all know the importance of Virtual Private Networks for netizens of Switzerland, but there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before choosing your VPN service provider. All VPN service providers are not the same, some keep a log of your activity, some limit your traffic, some don’t provide the heightened security and encryption you desire, while the others don’t work on all the devices i.e. mobiles, tablets, iPads etc. so a careful consideration should be given to the factors below when picking out your Switzerland VPN service provider:

1 –Their Encryption Protocols: Most corporations use SSL and IPSec while the individual users are more inclined towards L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN.

2 – Location: The location where the VPN provider is and their Swiss VPN servers. Pick a service that has a variety of different server endpoints.

3 –Privacy Policy: Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of your best Switzerland VPN service. This will give you an idea about what information of yours will be stored if any data would be logged.

4 – Compatibility: Make sure that your VPN is working on all your devices. You want a secure connection all around and not only when you are connected to your laptop or desktop PC.

5 –Data Restriction: Before selecting your VPN provider, make sure you check if the VPN service provider has any limitations or caps on your bandwidth.

6 – Price and User Reviews: Make sure that you read what fellow netizens had to say about their experience with that particular Switzerland VPN service and check out the price and packages the provider is offering.

swiss vpn

Why Ivacy is the Best Switzerland VPN Service?

Firstly, Ivacy has hundreds of server endpoints across the globe. It currently has more than 200 servers in Switzerland so whatever your reason may be for using a VPN service – it’s the best match for you. Stay away from the prying eyes Swiss netizens! Ivacy- the best Switzerland VPN service not only delivers an exceptional service but it also works really hard to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

It’s affordable too, so with Ivacy, you get to enjoy your internet in peace and silence without any eavesdropping or nosey people trying to breach in. Ivacy- the best VPN for Switzerland not only ensures great performance but also cares about your privacy and well being more than any other VPN service provider out there in the Digital World.

So, if you’re searching for a good Switzerland VPN service, then Ivacy – the best Switzerland VPN service is the best bet.

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