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A Google WiFi VPN

  • Facilitates Google WiFi’s firmware connection.
  • Keeps LAN to WAN connections behind the VPN router.
  • Experience High-Speed connection.
  • No more breaches, bans, and trespassing.
Google WiFi VPN

How to Access Google Wifi with Ivacy VPN

Follow the mentioned steps below to access your Google Wifi easily from anywhere you want.

1. Sign Up and Download

signup for ivacy

Register for Ivacy VPN account. Download it on your preferred device, and you are all set.

2. Connect to a Server

connect to a server

Connect to a VPN server where Google Wi-Fi is accessible.

3. Enjoy Complete Access

get secure online

Sign up for Google Wi-Fi and enjoy using it from anywhere you want!

How to Use Ivacy VPN as Google WiFi VPN

How to Use Ivacy VPN as Google WiFi VPN

  • Using an ethernet cable, connect your primary router to your Google WiFi router. Make sure the primary router is configured correctly with precisely desired settings i.e. network name (SSID), password, and DHCP settings.
  • Connect your secondary router to the computer for a VPN setup. The secondary router is the router that you want to use for the VPN.
  • Launch the configuration page of the secondary router by entering the IP address on the browser.
  • Navigate the VPN setting in a section VPN configuration, location to that section may vary from router’s firmware and manufacturer. Enter the details of your VPN service including server address, username, password, and any additional information your VPN provider requires.
  • Save the VPN settings and apply the changes. Your secondary router will now form a VPN connection.
  • Connect the secondary router to the Google WiFi router, and disconnect the computer from the secondary router.
  • Using an ethernet cable, connect the LAN ports on the secondary router to the WAN port of the Google WiFi router. Make sure the Google WiFi router is connected and turned on.
  • Open Google WiFi app on your mobile device to configure Google WiFi for VPN passthrough. Locate the setting for Google WiFi network.
  • Find options like “Advanced Networking” or “WAN Settings”. Under these settings, you need to enable VPN passthrough or VPN compatibility mode which will allow VPN traffic to pass through the Google WiFi router to your secondary router.
  • Save the changes and see if your VPN connection works.
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Using Ivacy VPN for Google WiFi

A WiFi VPN is a resourceful way to execute your online activities securely whether you are on a public or private network. Regardless of your location i.e. shopping mall, airport, or restaurant, you will have a fully secure internet connection with a VPN for WiFi. Initiate your journey with a reputable VPN service Now.

Exclude Custom Firmware

We all know Google is based on the Android system, but Android VPNs do not support Google WiFi. What to do in this situation where you don’t get the options for PPTP and L2TP manual setup? This is where Ivacy VPN signifies its importance with 256-bit encryption so you don’t have to mesh your router.

Enable Better Compatibility via Routers Configuration

A VPN-compatible firmware is required to make Google WiFi use a VPN. With Ivacy VPN, you will get intricately designed advanced firmware that lets you connect to any location without imposing restrictions. With servers in 100+ locations, Ivacy VPN doubles the joy of Google WiFi experience.

Avoid Internet Throttling with Super Fast Speed

Are you using a VPN with content blockage? Ivacy VPN comes with High-Speed servers for a remarkable streaming and gaming experience. Enable simultaneous connection to 10 devices for online anonymity and security.

Protection from Cyber Attacks

A dynamic approach to deal with the dangers of cyber security is important in digital world. Ivacy VPN gives you complete online anonymity that protects you from getting monitored. Feel free to your digital presence from getting attacked by cyber intruders and surf the online world risk-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no, Google routers are not compatible with VPNs. So you must pair another router with it to use a VPN.

Yes, this is possible on your router to ensure all connected devices are safe.

Yes, since Mesh VPNs are the best option for companies that want to connect multiple channels in different locations.

If you disable data collection from your end, Google will not be able to detect your location with or without a VPN. Google does this by collecting all regional data via the browser, apps, and your device settings.

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