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How to Access Minecraft Unblocked Websites Online At School

Are you a Minecraft classic fan? Is making and killing the beasts of Minecraft therapy for you on a weary school day? Sadly, most schools and organizations have games like Minecraft prohibited. IT departments usually block such gaming websites and applications on their networks. Fortunately, if you want to overcome such restrictions, there are multiple workarounds worth checking out. This blog post describes the top ways to unblock Minecraft Classic at school so you can enjoy playing games hassle-free!

Updated 3 Jan 2024: This page is updated with the most recent information. It now informs readers on how to access Minecraft Unblocked in other regions.

Minecraft Blocked at School – What to Do?

When Minecraft is blocked at school, Ivacy VPN comes to the rescue. Bypass restrictions and enjoy unrestricted gameplay by following our easy steps.

Top Ways to Unblock Minecraft at School or Work

There are multiple ways you can bypass restrictions and play Minecraft at school, and they are as follows:

Using a VPN for Minecraft

A quality VPN service is one of the most effective ways to access Minecraft unblocked websites at your school. It can help you bypass restrictions by encrypting your school’s internet connection and routing it to an entirely different and new server.

Ivacy VPN is one of the few quality VPN services that offer a wide variety of servers spread over multiple locations – allowing you to connect to a server of your choice. Thus, you can easily bypass restrictions and access Minecraft on your school’s computer.

Need help with using a VPN for Minecraft? Here’s a simplified list of steps to follow and get play Minecraft Classic unblocked without obstacles!

Step#1: Subscribe to Ivacy VPN.

Step#2: Download the app on your preferred device.

Step#3: Connect to a server of your choice out of available options.

Step#4: Access unblocked minecraft and enjoy playing the game without any restrictions!

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Configuring the Firewall of your PC

Though using a VPN for Minecraft is always effective, you can also try configuring the firewall of your PC to get around restrictions. Firewalls are installed on computers to prevent users from accessing gaming websites and applications. Thus, if you’re unable to access Minecraft at school or work, trying to configure the PC’s firewall might solve your problem.

Do you need help with configuring the Firewall of your PC? Well, you will have to first access the HTTP Minecraft classic website instead of the HTTP one. If that also doesn’t work, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Start Menu and search for Control Panel.

2. Open the Control Panel and select System Security.

3. Click the Allow an App or Feature in the top left column via the Windows Defender Firewall button.

4. Search for any term related to Minecraft and tick the two boxes placed in front of them.

5. This is likely to allow you to play Minecraft through the firewall and enjoy the therapy you crave!

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Port Forwarding

If the methods mentioned above don’t work, port forwarding is another effective way to help you unblock Minecraft. This method lets you redirect your computer’s internet traffic to some specific port, allowing you to bypass restrictions on the network.

Though it sounds really complicated, port forwarding is a simple way out and can be conducted via the following steps:

1. Connect your PC to the router with an ethernet cable.

2. Access the router console on your PC using your IP address.

3. Select the Advanced Settings option and locate Port Forwarding.

4. Enter 25565 in the section dedicated and save your changes.

5. Reboot the router, and you can now access Minecraft hassle-free.

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How to Unblock Minecraft Game On PC?

Experience Minecraft unblocked on your PC with Ivacy VPN:

Step # 1: Obtain an Ivacy VPN subscription and install the app on your PC.

Step # 2: Launch Ivacy VPN, connect to a suitable server, and establish a secure connection.

Step # 3: Once connected, launch your Minecraft game and embark on your unblocked adventure.

How to Unblock Minecraft Game On Mac?

Unlock Minecraft on your Mac effortlessly:

Step # 1: Subscribe to Ivacy VPN and install the app on your Mac.

Step # 2: Launch the app, choose a server for unblocking Minecraft, and establish a secure connection.

Step # 3: Launch your Minecraft game and enjoy unrestricted gameplay without limitations.

How to Access Minecraft Unblocked Websites In the US?

Gain unrestricted access to Minecraft in the US using Ivacy VPN:

Step # 1: Get an Ivacy VPN subscription and install the app on your device.

Step # 2: Launch Ivacy VPN, choose your desired VPN server for unblocked access, and establish a secure connection.

Step # 3: Once connected, open your Minecraft client and indulge in uninterrupted gameplay.

How to Access Minecraft Unblocked Websites In Australia?

Unblock Minecraft in Australia effortlessly:

Step # 1: Secure an Ivacy VPN subscription and install the app on your device.

Step # 2: Launch the app, select an VPN server outside Australia, and establish a secure connection.

Step # 3: With a secure connection, launch Minecraft and immerse yourself in the gaming world.

How to Access Minecraft Unblocked Websites in the UK?

Gain unrestricted access to Minecraft Unblocked in the UK:

Step # 1: Get an Ivacy VPN subscription and install the dedicated app on your device.

Step # 2: Launch the Ivacy VPN app and connect to a VPN server outside the UK. Then, establish a secure connection.

Step # 3: With a secure connection, launch Minecraft Unblocked and dive into the gaming world.

What Is Minecraft Classic to be Exact?

Minecraft Classic is a popular block-building game released in 2009 by Mojang Studios. Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon – with millions of players from across the globe competing to build their desires in a virtual world.

Whether you’re new to the gaming world or a veteran, Minecraft Unblocked websites are incredible platforms to help you experience the goodness of online gaming and building block therapy. The best part is that you can play Minecraft for free using a few websites, such as Unblocked Game 66 and Unblocked Game 76. The game is super easy and requires no download if you prefer playing online. You can join friends already playing or create a private session to invite people you know.

How to Download Minecraft Unblocked?

Now that you know how to play unblocked Minecraft at school without restrictions and what the game is about, you must be wondering how to download the game. The good news is – downloading unblocked Minecraft is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s a list of ways to download Minecraft unblocked on your school PC:

Download Minecraft Unblocked Using Weebly Sites

Team Extreme Downloads

This amazing host website lets you download unblocked Minecraft on your PC for free. It can be accessed at your school or work using the above-mentioned methods. Additionally, you can get all the game’s great features as you download it from extreme team downloads.

Minecraft Unblocked for School

This popular and legitimate website lets you download Minecraft at your school hassle-free. The website also claims to store all the moves, texture packs, and maps. So, you can easily download and enjoy playing the full-fledged game via the Minecraft unblocked school website.

Download Minecraft Unblocked Using Google Sites

Here’s the list of trusted Google sites you can download Minecraft unblocked!

1-5-2 Download

If you want the best gaming experience, try downloading Minecraft unblocked from 1-5-2 Download. It is a much-trusted website that lets you download the finest version of the game with up to 5 different texture packs.

Unblocked Games ez 66

Unblocked games ez 66 is an incredible website for downloading Minecraft unblocked. It also has many other games available and claims to offer the best versions of each game with full-fledged features and ease of use.

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How to Play Minecraft Unblocked?

Playing Minecraft Unblocked involves several fundamental actions and mechanics. Here is a basic guide on how to play Minecraft Unblocked:


Use the W, A, S, and D keys (or arrow keys) to move the character around. Pressing the spacebar allows you to jump, and holding down the spacebar enables you to fly if you are in Creative mode.

Mining and Crafting

Minecraft revolves around gathering resources and crafting items. To break blocks and gather resources, simply approach a block and left-click (or tap, depending on your platform). Collect the dropped items by walking over them. To craft items, open your inventory by pressing the “E” key (or accessing the inventory menu on other platforms) and place the necessary items in the crafting grid according to the recipe. The resulting item will appear in the output slot.

Tools and Weapons

As you gather resources, you can craft tools and weapons to aid your gameplay. For example, you can craft a wooden pickaxe to mine stone, an iron sword to fend off hostile creatures, or a shovel to dig dirt more efficiently.


One of the core aspects of Minecraft is building structures. You can place blocks in the world to construct houses, castles, farms, or any other creations you envision. To place a block, select it from your inventory and right-click (or tap) on the desired location.

Survival and Health

In Survival mode, you must manage your health and hunger. Your health is represented by a heart icon, and your hunger level is indicated by a food bar. Eating food replenishes your hunger while avoiding dangerous situations, and combat helps maintain your health.


Minecraft features various creatures, both friendly and hostile. Hostile mobs, such as zombies, skeletons, or spiders, can attack you. To defend yourself, equip a weapon (such as a sword) and click (or tap) on the enemy to attack. Different creatures have different attack patterns and weaknesses, so strategic combat is essential.

Exploring and Biomes

Minecraft has diverse biomes—distinct regions with different environmental characteristics. You can explore forests, deserts, oceans, mountains, and more. Each biome offers unique resources and structures to discover.


Minecraft also supports multiplayer gameplay. Players can hop on to minecraft multiplayer unblocked websites to play with other players, collaborate on projects, engage in mini-games, or participate in cooperative adventures.

How To Play Minecraft on a Browser with Slope Unblocked?

Indulge in Minecraft directly from your browser with the help of Slope Unblocked:

Step#1: Install Ivacy VPN: Start by subscribing to Ivacy VPN and installing the app on your device.

Step#2: Connect to a Server: Launch Ivacy VPN, connect to a suitable server, and establish a secure connection.

Step#3: Access Slope Unblocked: Visit Slope Unblocked in your browser, which serves as a gateway to play Minecraft online unblocked.

With Ivacy VPN, unblocked Minecraft is within your reach. No matter where you are, enjoy the thrill of Minecraft gameplay without limitations. Unlock the potential of unblocked Minecraft and elevate your gaming experience today.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft is an incredible online game – superb for releasing the stress of your day. You can easily get Minecraft Classic unblocked at school or work. You can pick from the aforementioned methods and play the amazing building blocks game without hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the website to play Minecraft at school?

If you’re looking for an official Minecraft website to access at school, Minecraft EDU is a great option. It has been built with easy-to-use features and allows you to set up without much effort. However, if you want to play Minecraft unblocked at school without having to pay a dime, unblocked games 66 and unblocked games 76 could be your go-to choices.

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Why is Minecraft blocked on school computers?

Since public Wi-Fi networks have relatively much higher users than private Wi-Fi networks, they are more likely to get overcrowded and congested. To prevent this, system administrators tend to block content-heavy sites such as streaming platforms, video games, etc. Schools might also block Minecraft to avoid the prevalence of distraction among students.

How do you get Minecraft unblocked on your school computer?

You can do that in multiple ways; however, using a quality VPN service is best to get around the restrictions implemented on your school computer and play Minecraft. It can help you connect to a server of your choice, and you can access Minecraft even on your school computer without any restrictions.

Can I play Minecraft offline?

Yes, you can absolutely play the game offline. All you must do is open the Minecraft launcher, log in with your credentials, and select Play Offline mode.

Published on May 13, 2024