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Difference Between a Free VPN & a Paid VPN

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free vs paid vpn



Bandwidth does not come for free. Free VPNs usually provide you with as little bandwidth as possible and some VPNs even use your bandwidth to serve other free users on their network. This slows down your machine and you may never know what others are viewing while using your bandwidth, which may lead to serious consequences.


A premium VPN service surely allows you a far better bandwidth, speed and security. You have ample servers to choose from and browse the internet in a smoother manner. With a paid VPN, you have a peace of mind that your bandwidth is secure and none of your data is being compromised to facilitate other free users on the network.

Collect data logs



There is no such thing as a free lunch, and VPNs are obviously no exception. Free VPNs thrive on your personal data and that is how they cover their expenses, by selling your personal information to different bidders. So, don't complain if you come across any predicament due to your lack of seriousness when it comes to choose an authentic VPN service provider.


Even if you are paying for a VPN service, do read their privacy policy thoroughly. The basic purpose of using a VPN is to secure your online privacy, so if a paid VPN service is logging your browsing history and keeping logs of your online activities, it totally defeats the purpose of using a VPN in the first place.

Show ads



Most of the free VPNs earn through ads, and whom better to show ads than a free VPN user. Free VPNs sell your personal information to different marketing companies and in return, you are not only bombarded with different ads, but your personal information is also circulated among the online marketers and their different channels.


When you pay for a VPN service, you are assured that your online information remains safe and you won't be bombarded with annoying ads or different brands asking you to buy their stuff. With a paid VPN service, you can ensure that no unwanted marketing companies will target you to sell you their products by interrupting your internet surfing.

Monitor your activity



Watch out! Free VPNs usually don't have a good reputation. You simply can't complain if they get hold of your sensitive information like your bank account details or credentials to your social media profiles. You are using a "free" VPN service, so with what authority can you complain? You are not paying for anything!


The paid VPNs, on the other hand, do not need to monitor your online activities. They simply don't. You are paying them to keep you secure, private and anonymous. But it would be much better if you read their privacy policy in detail to ensure the reliability of that particular VPN service provider.

Ivacy VPN support



Free VPNs usually don't have enough resources to cater to your needs round the clock. Why would they bear the hassle to provide you customer support when you aren't even paying them for their service? Keep in mind that there is a certain extent to which Free VPNs will go to cater their customer base, and that doesn't include giving them support 24/7.


Unlike Free VPNs, the ones you pay for, will treat you better and will give you reasonable support, features and are well-equipped enough to provide you the support you deserve against your hard-earned money. Paid VPN service providers do make sure to give you the best service possible and timely solutions regarding your networking issues and connection problems

Ivacy VPN provide speed



One thing is clear, VPNs do affect your internet speed because of the encryption taking place, but if you are a person who likes online streaming or secure torrenting, then you should definitely avoid free VPNs as they have limited number of servers available, and on the other hand, they are also notorious for bogging down your internet speed and sharing your bandwidth with other free VPN users on their network.


One of the biggest perks of using a Paid VPN service is that it offers ample number of servers from around the world, which means that more options for you to connect from any of the world. This freedom allows you to choose a server of your choice where you are getting good speed. A paid VPN service does ensure that you are satisfied and that you always get a speedy network connection.

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