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We all are well aware of the fear of getting caught while downloading copyrighted content, and the sheer thought that someone is watching over our shoulders all the time monitoring our every move is creepy. This fear is not paranoia in fact this fear is very real, especially if you are a resident of France. Due to the recent terrorist attacks in France, the feeling of unrest prevails in the country and people are more concerned than ever regarding their safety. The Government of France, in the light of these concerns, has implemented very powerful and strict internet surveillance laws. These surveillance laws not only require all of the users’ emails and telephonic communication to be monitored and recorded, but also monitoring of the internet usage and web browsing. Though these laws are only implemented for better safety of the citizens, one can’t help but wonder that the concept of privacy is diminished as a consequence. Everyone reserves a right to their privacy and French Netizens are being deprived of it. One should be able to choose what he/she wants to share rather than knowing that every website you visit is probably going to end up in a log somewhere. The only way you can still secure your digital footprint is by using the best France VPN service. With Ivacy VPN, you can surf internet freely without the fear of someone peeking into your digital whereabouts.

understanding VPN

Let's Start with what a French VPN really is...

A Virtual Private Network or a (VPN) creates a virtual tunnel of encrypted data running over the internet. It is used for encrypting the communication over a network of computers, keeping it safe from snoopers. What VPN does is to create a tunnel between client and VPN provider’s server and all the data passing through that tunnel is completely secure and encrypted.

A VPN first started out as a way of connecting different parts of an organization without having to spend on dedicated phone lines. VPN was then introduced to secure and encrypt the corporate data. A VPN utilizes number of technologies to provide you the anonymity you desire. Different tunneling protocols in combination with features like data encapsulation and encryption work to keep your connection safe, private and anonymous.

Whenever you use a VPN, it replaces your original IP with one of VPN provider’s IP addresses. You can use any country’s server’s IP to make it appear like you are surfing the internet from that particular country. This allows you to surpass the geographical fences when it comes to surfing geo-restricted websites.

Even though VPN’s intended use is secure browsing, people are now using it for different purposes. Some use it for anonymity, some for torrenting while others for accessing websites not available in their regions. If you are a resident of France, you need to invest in a VPN right away to protect your online security.

why VPN

Why the French people need a VPN?

Who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi? We all do. But these free and open Wi-Fi hotspots are as unprotected as they are accessible. You need to ensure that your data is safe when connected to these public networks as it is most likely that your online activities will be monitored. Public hotspots and Wi-Fi connections are vulnerable to hack attacks the world over, and France is no particular exception in this regard. Even when you are connected to your secure internet connection and have a firewall installed, your online activities are still not protected. Only a VPN can guarantee security and privacy of your data once it leaves your computer into the digital space called the Internet. Accessing sensitive information like online banking or online shopping; giving away your credit card information over a non-secure network where hackers can easily swoop in, is not a wise move. The internet is not as safe as most of us would think it is. Without a VPN, we are vulnerable, gullible and exposed. Hence, the best move is to get yourself Ivacy VPN and take your internet security to a whole new level and enjoy internet surfing in peace.

how to pick a vpn

How to pick the best VPN in France?

There are a lot of things that you should take into consideration before you choose a France VPN service. The VPN’s accuracy and efficiency cannot be judged alone by the fact that it lets you stream your favorite channels like Netflix, Hulu etc. There are other things you should be looking for in your VPN connection as well to make sure that it gives you the good value for your money. Choose France VPN service which not only lets you stream your favorite programs online but also provides added encryption ensuring your privacy and anonymity over the internet.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while choosing the best France VPN service for yourself:

  • Check the region where the VPN company is registered.
  • Number of VPN Servers available across the globe.
  • How many protocols available for data encryption.
  • User’s Data Logging Policies.
  • Any limits or restrictions on volume, data transfer and bandwidth.
  • Device and Operating System Compatibility.
  • User Reviews.

Do your homework before buying a France VPN service and know what you need a VPN for? Then go for the VPN that best suits your needs accordingly.


Why Ivacy is the Best France VPN Service?

Ivacy VPN is one of the most efficient, secure and best VPN service providers in France due to its heightened encryption and security. Its P2P optimized servers let you download, upload, and share torrents without fretting about the speed. Ivacy VPN supports all of the major encryption protocols, making it near impossible for anyone to interfere in your online activities.

Stay sure about your online security with the Best France VPN service. Don’t worry about hackers snooping through you data or monitoring your online activities.

Ivacy has got you covered and it ensures that every citizen of France gets the security and privacy they deserve.


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