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Awarded As The
Fastest VPN For 2019

Ivacy VPN received the Fastest VPN Award for 2019 by ProPrivacy.com ,highlighting...

best overall award
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Rated As Industry’s Speediest VPN Provider

Ivacy Has Consistently Topped “The Fastest VPN Service Provider” rankings maintained by BestVPN.com - The most reputable VPN reviewer in the industry. With our advanced infrastructure equipped with P2P Optimized Servers, Ivacy VPN is built for superior speed and impenetrable security.

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The Most Reliable Ultra-Fast VPN Service Around

Ivacy’s Fast P2P Optimized VPN servers allow you to stream your favorite content on the web smoothly and enable you to surf the web anonymously. Ivacy VPN’s in-app ‘Streaming’ option would instantly connect you with the fastest VPN servers close to your location which are perfect for fast streaming. Very Few VPN providers empower you with such features and capabilities

Simply Choose ‘Streaming’ option from your Ivacy App:

1. Open Your Ivacy VPN app on your Windows, Mac or Smart Devices.

2. Choose ‘Streaming’ option on your App.

3. Connect to the available countries/servers of your choice and enjoy seamless online streaming from anywhere in the world

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What Makes Ivacy The Fastest VPN In The Industry?

Ivacy VPN, from the ground up has been built keeping high-speed performance in view and have developed its infrastructure in such a way to minimize the constraints that slow down your internet connection. Here are myriad of reasons why a Fast VPN is the need of the hour!

Faster Downloading Speed

Downloading and sharing files over the web get a whole a lot easier as Ivacy VPN provide you with unlimited bandwidth to download your favorite content on the web hassle-free.

Defeat ISP Throttling

Majority of the internet service providers limit internet speed of certain users to avoid network congestion. Ivacy VPN allow you to evade ISP throttling and experience faster internet.

Blazing Speeds = Faster Web

Ivacy’s advanced server network is built for delivering its users the maximum browsing, streaming and web surfing speed that is unparalleled with any other VPN provider

Faster Uploading Speed

Our internet connections normally provide us with better downloading speeds than uploading speeds, but Ivacy VPN makes sure that you get unmatched uploading speed as well.

Faster Torrenting

Ivacy is considered to be the fastest VPN for torrenting because of its P2P friendly
servers that deliver phenomenal data sharing speed with no bandwidth cap or restrictions.

Smooth Streaming

Tired of seeing that buffering sign again and again during online streaming? Worry no more! Ivacy VPN’s streaming optimized servers give you the exceptional speed you have always craved.

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TrustPilot RatingTrustPilot RatingTrustPilot RatingTrustPilot RatingTrustPilot Rating
Based on 1500 reviews

Ivacy Takes Pride In Its Fast VPN Server Network

The Internet is becoming fast and faster speeds is what the VPN user needs in this time and age. So, engineers at Ivacy tested its own servers from different countries and found the end results and the overall performance of our VPN servers to be satisfactory.

Locations Speed Latency Download
United States 200 Mbps 1 ms 188 Mbps
Canada 350 Mbps 38 ms 300 Mbps
Brazil 1 Gig 20 ms 830 Mbps
United Kingdom 500 Mbps 22 ms 390 Mbps
Netherlands 500 Mbps 49 ms 320 Mbps
Germany 1 Gig 1 ms 980 Mbps
Singapore 100 Mbps 33 ms 50 Mbps
Australia 1 Gig 10 ms 896 Mbps

Disclaimer: The speed may vary depending on your own internet connection speed, location and ISP you are using

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The Fastest VPN Protocols

Many Internet Service Providers around the world work better on certain protocols and each protocol serve a unique purpose. Ivacy VPN offers major VPN protocols to cater the unique use cases of VPN users.

  • l2tp

    The most widely used VPN protocol is L2TP which is a balanced protocol when it comes to security and web surfing.


    IPSec stands for Internet Protocol Security. It is considered to be a secure protocol but it may not be compatible with every network.

  • ikev

    IKEV protocol protects the VPN users from online threats such as malware and hacking. It provides exceptional online security.

  • udp

    UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. It’s a perfect protocol for those who want a combination of speed & security.

  • TCP

    TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. It’s a bit slower than UDP but is compatible with almost every network.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Ivacy VPN To Surf The Web In Fast Lane

  • Super-Fast VPN For Every Device

    Ivacy VPN has apps for all major computing platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and different range of routers.

  • Rated As The Fastest VPN

    We don’t boast about ourselves, our performance speaks volume. Ivacy has been voted as the ‘Fastest VPN’ by BestVPN.com many times.

  • Military-Grade Encryption

    Ivacy uses 256-bit encryption which practically makes all your online information indecipherable. Your privacy remains intact.

  • Risk-free trial

    We offer a 30-Day Risk-free Trial for anyone who wants to experience if Ivacy is a good fit for them. We are confident that you’ll like it.

  • 24-hour support

    Our proactive customer services team is available 24/7, all year round to assist you in matters related to Ivacy VPN.

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Setting Up Ivacy VPN Is Super-Fast Too!

Setting up Ivacy VPN on your chosen devices is as simple as 1-2-3. It’s not only our ultra-fast VPN speed that we vouch for, it’s the whole process that makes us the best in the industry.

  • Sign Up

    Choose your favorite plan and signup for Ivacy VPN Account

  • Download

    Download Ivacy VPN app on your chosen device & install it

  • Connect

    Choose the available country server of your choice and surf the web swiftly!

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The Best Protection With The Fastest VPN Service

Ivacy VPN unique features allow you to surf the web securely, anonymously and with the best online protection imaginable

Highly Optimized Servers

There are no caps on server switching, so switch between your favorite servers as many times as you want.

Smart Purpose Selection

Ivacy VPN’s Smart Purpose Selection feature changes your whole VPN experience according to your specific purpose selection

Split Tunneling

Ivacy VPN allows you to encrypt the data you want and let the other data flow as it is through Split Tunneling technology

Optimized P2P Servers

Our specifically P2P optimized servers give VPN users faster torrenting and file sharing speeds at all times

5 Multi- Logins

With Ivacy you can log in to multiple devices at the same time with just 1 single Ivacy VPN account/subscription.

Anonymous Browsing

With IP masking, your real IP address remains hidden at all times making your online browsing experience anonymous.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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