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Spreading over 9,984,670 square kilometers, Canada is the second largest country of the world with respect to the covered area. This picturesque country is home to more than 35 million people who have diversified backgrounds. More than 85% of Canadian population has access to internet. But are they all entitled to use the internet freely enough? Although, Canada remains a safe heaven for anti-piracy geeks, the scenario is about to change. With the Copyright Modernization Act effectively in place, the internet service providers are now required to send notices to users, who tend to download illegal content from the web. Don’t you worry though! With this VPN, you can easily upload, download and share your torrent files, ensuring breathtaking speed and flawless performance. And for torrent users specifically, Ivacy is the best bet.

What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure network link between two computers on the internet. VPN functions by tunneling all of the network traffic through a secure virtual tunnel between the client and VPN server. In order to make you anonymous with a secure connection, VPN makes use of a number of different components like data encapsulation, tunneling protocols, certified connection and encryption.

For the sake of simplicity, what a VPN does is, it enables you to be completely discrete. VPN also helps you bypass the regional censorship restrictions, allowing you to access the sites that are blocked for use in your country. To break it down, you trade information over the web in a language that neither one can construe, nor can anyone gather any details of yours regarding your online activities. You are a ghost- a good one!

The main purpose of using this technology is to develop a safe connection over the internet so you can surf the internet in or outside Canada being content that you are not being watched. We all are well aware of the struggle of downloading torrents in Canada. It is a daunting task but you can always fall back on a reliable Canada VPN service to take care of it for you.

The VPNs are becoming popular with each passing day as the awareness about safeguarding your personal information and data on the internet is growing. Being a resident of Canada, you should be vigilant and well aware of the risks you are exposed to. So, protect yourself with the best Canada VPN now.

require a VPN

Why do you require a VPN for Canada?

We all love free stuff. Most of the public spots like restaurants, coffee shops, train stations etc now are equipped with Wi-Fi and if you browse the internet using your smartphones, laptop or a tablet connected to such a connection without the shield of a VPN, it is most likely that your information is being gathered and your online activities are being watched. And this is not confined to Canada only, it is now worldwide. The online retail networks and online banking is extremely vulnerable to information breach due to the open nature of the network and Canada is definitely one of the countries affected by this. Anybody can be a hacker or data thief, the person you are sitting next to on a bus can be an identity thief. Maybe it’s an exaggeration, maybe it’s not, you can never be too careful. Online Canadian community is not as safe as we would like to think it is. In such a time, Canada VPN stands out like our knight in shining armor as it enhances our online security and keeps the hackers and data thieves at an arm’s length.

If you are planning to travel outside the Canadian territory, Ivacy VPN for Canada comes in really handy, as you can easily circumnavigate the streaming pitfalls and get the best streaming and torrenting experience. You can also use Ivacy to keep in touch with your office colleagues to keep track of the business activities going on within your home country.

You must bear in mind that it is your right to use a VPN regardless of where you are currently living in Canada or are going out of Canada. Surfing the internet without a VPN is similar to living in a house with glass walls i.e. vulnerable and exposed. Canada is undoubtedly a safe country but like it’s said “prevention is better than cure” so it’s up to you to minimize the risks and build a brick wall around yourself to become immune against information hacks, security breaches, and data misuse.

By utilizing a Canada VPN service, you make internet a safe space for yourself as no one can monitor your online activities. VPN is vital, not only in Canada but worldwide. Wait no more and buy Canada VPN now.

Choosing your VPN service

Choosing the best Canada VPN

Now it’s time to choose a VPN for Canada. Before making any final decision, you as a VPN user must consider some important factors that are associated with a reliable and trustworthy VPN. There are a lot of VPN providers in Canada, and you have to look out for the best one. As far as the factors to consider are concerned, you need to have thorough knowledge about:

  • The number of servers available within Canada
  • The country where the VPN provider is registered
  • The encryption methods available
  • The compatibility with different devices
  • The privacy policy and terms of use
  • User reviews about the Canada VPN service
  • Price packages
  • P2P file sharing mechanism for torrenting
  • Customer support and live chat facility
Canada VPN

Why is Ivacy The Best Canadian VPN?

There are over 250 servers available worldwide that are essentially P2P optimized, enabling you to download, upload and share torrents with lightning fast speed and optimum performance. Our encryption system is highly modified making it impossible for anyone to decode the data or details you share on the web.

With the new Data Modernization Law in Canada, we know that torrenting has become difficult. Now, the ISPs are required to issue notices to torrent downloaders. All you can do is to catch up with Ivacy Canada VPN and become safe and anonymous while surfing online, thereby safeguarding your privacy and identity so that nobody can breach into your sacred data.


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