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Ivacy will Continue Operations in Hong Kong


Chinese authorities enforced Article 43 on July 6. This new collection of regulations gave law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong censorships powers and freedom for online surveillance. These regulations are a part of China’s National Security Law, primarily targeted towards foreign interference, terrorism, subversions, and separatism.

These laws give Hong Kong law enforcement agencies the authority to imprison people for sharing content online they deem offensive, and things will only get worse from here on out.

Keeping these recent developments in mind, we at Ivacy VPN, have concluded we will continue operating in Hong Kong. The decision was made not only because we know we can keep our servers secure, but also because we want to give internet users in Hong Kong a fighting chance.

Why Stay in Hong Kong?

These laws implemented by the Chinese authorities may seem outrageous, but all is not lost. It was only a matter of time before Hong Kong was restricted, but fortunately, Ivacy VPN will continue serving its users.

By shutting down our servers, we would take the cheaper and easier way out, but that is not what Ivacy VPN is all about. We have always stood for internet users, and their right to internet freedom and privacy, and will continue to do so while keeping our moral values in check.

Regardless of what actions the Chinese authorities may have in store, our Hong Kong users will have little to worry about since Ivacy VPN does not keep any logs on any of its users anyway.

Ivacy VPN is one of the first partners of the VPN Trust Initiative, which is a part of the i2Coalition. This makes it important more than ever before to be transparent about our operations, not that we weren’t already. This translates to complete transparency to our users regarding any issues that arise.

For instance, if there are challenges ahead, i.e., lack of support from data centers in Hong Kong, our users will be notified, and we will consider alternative options.

Securing Hong Kong VPN Servers

If you have no other option but to connect to a Hong Kong VPN server, then you will be pleased to know we have taken the precautionary measures to keep you secure at all times. Our existing features, including and not limited to; Internet Kill Switch, IPv6 Leak Protection, Secure DNS, Military Grade Encryption, will give you all the protection you need to avoid detection or monitoring of any kind.

It is also worth noting we have a considerable amount of experience operating servers in high-risk countries. Ivacy VPN was designed first and foremost to protect people and their privacy, regardless of what kind of surveillance they are dealing with. As mentioned earlier, we have a zero-logs policy, and since we do not keep any personally identifiable data, Ivacy VPN users will have nothing to worry about.

Our users can expect uninterrupted services, and if things do go south, we will guide our users regarding the next line of action. Essentially, you are safe with Ivacy VPN, and our apps and services will work like they always do, meaning our Hong Kong users can sit back without thinking twice about this entire debacle.

Commitment to Defending Hong Kong

Ivacy VPN was born out of the necessity for a reliable tool for internet users to protect themselves online, even from their ISP and government. We have an office in Singapore, and data retention laws are hardly a concern for us, which is why we are confident we will give our Hong Kong users precisely what they need, and so much more.

The purpose of standing our ground is not only for the future of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong but for freedom around the globe. It is now crucial for the world than ever before to stand united with Hong Kong because, without sacrifice, there can be no victory.

For complete protection, security, and anonymity to enjoy true internet freedom, Ivacy VPN will continue to be your best bet.


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