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The Good Friday before Easter with Ivacy VPN

No matter the festival or religious occasion, Ivacy VPN is more than happy and willing to partake in the celebrations and festivities of others. No matter your race, religion or creed, we at Ivacy, would like for each and every one of you to have a blessed Good Friday.

Stay Safe, Be Secure…

This Good Friday and Easter, no matter what you plan on doing online, make sure you do what is needed to bolster your security to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from getting their hands on your private and confidential information. Even on other days, you should not take your security lightly. The last thing you want is to become a victim of fraud or identity theft, which is why you should use a VPN whenever you are online.

Not just any VPN is going to cut it though, as they will lack in one way or another. If you want the best VPN, you should look no further than Ivacy VPN. You get access to all those features needed to mask your presence online, all the while giving you unrestricted access to the content you had no access to before.

Ivacy is a Gift that Keeps Giving

To commemorate Good Friday, and even Easter for that matter, Ivacy VPN wants to make sure internet users are protected through and through. For this purpose, Ivacy is offering 77% savings on its 2-year subscription plan, which will now only cost $2.25/month!

Get Ivacy Now

So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Worry not, as Ivacy will have you covered for that time of the year too!


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