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Celebrate Earth Day with Ivacy VPN

Earth Day is right around the corner, on April 22 to be more specific. The annual event is celebrated around the globe, demonstrating the importance of environmental protection. Earth Day was first celebrated back in 1970 and has since become a day when people from around the globe come in unison to do whatever is required to protect planet Earth.

It is not just about the planet itself, but all the species that reside therein. If these species are to survive, including humans, drastic steps will need to be taken to fix the damage that has already been done so far.

Support your Favorite Causes this Earth Day

Plenty of people support causes, which in turn work towards a greener planet Earth. Of course, now, things have changed. People sign petitions and make donations online, which was not the case before. Just like any other activity online, you are at risk here too.

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to trick you into giving your private and confidential information. For this purpose, they set up fake sites, proclaiming their cause is working towards a greener Earth, but in reality, they are playing on the sentiments of people that truly care about the planet.


To prevent cybercriminals and hackers from getting anywhere near you while you make donations online to causes of your choice, make sure you use a VPN. But don’t just use any VPN, you will need a reliable one like Ivacy VPN. Not only will you remain safe and secure online, but with Ivacy VPN you will be able to access restricted content without breaking a sweat.

Massive Savings on Earth Day with Ivacy VPN

To aid all those in need of impenetrable security and anonymity on Earth day, and for other days too, Ivacy is giving internet users the unique opportunity to get an astounding 77% savings on its 2-year subscription plan, which means you will have to pay no more than $2.25 per month.

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Stay safe, use Ivacy VPN for a world of possibilities like never before!

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