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Get to know your Customers Day – Ivacy’s Users Get a Treat

For those that are not aware, “Get to know your Customers Day” is observed annually. It falls on the third Thursday of each quarter during the months of January, April, July, and October. Since these days are prioritized by businesses to reach out to their customers, Ivacy VPN intends to do just that.

Importance of “Get to know your Customers Day” for Ivacy

At Ivacy VPN we understand the importance of getting to know our customers. It is much more than a formality, it is actually a great way to develop relationships, the kind that lasts for years to come.

Nothing pleases us more than being able to keep our customers coming back for more. For this reason, we have always encouraged our customers to provide feedback and guide them the best we can. Since internet privacy and security is quite an issue, we have and will continue to go out of our way to make sure every internet user gets to access the internet in its entirety without having to worry about hackers, cybercriminals and surveillance agencies.

Benefit this “Get to know your Customers Day” with Ivacy

To celebrate the day, and to encourage the use of VPNs, we at Ivacy are happy to announce that we are offering 77% off on our 2-year subscription plans. This means you will only have to pay $2.25 per month!

Get Ivacy Now

As mentioned earlier, internet users are always at risk online. They give away information unknowingly. What is worse is that cybercriminals, hackers and surveillance agencies get to have their way, while internet users remain dumbfounded as to what to do. It is here where Ivacy VPN comes in handy.

Once connected to our VPN servers, internet users can mask their internet traffic, which means no one, not even their own ISPs will know what they are up to. Additionally, they will be able to benefit from features like Internet Kill Switch, Smart DNS Protection, Dedicated IP, and Public Wi-Fi Security and so much more!

No matter what you do online, it is better to be safe than sorry – Use Ivacy!


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