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How to Forward Ports for Plex Media Server

How to Forward Ports for Plex Media Server

Not every internet router has the same settings since each router is configured differently with its preset port settings. This will impede specific traffic from flowing in and out of your network.

Today, we are going to explain how to forward the port for the Plex media server to get direct access. But first, you need to know how to set up port forwarding on your router and which ports you need to allow for Plex. 

These are:

TCP port 32400 for the Plex Media Server
UDP port 1900 for the Plex DLNA Server
TCP port 3005 for Plex Companion
UDP port 5353 for network discovery
TCP port 8324 for Roku via Plex Companion
UDP port 32410, 32412, 32413, 32414 for network discovery
TCP port 32469 for the Plex DLNA Server

Common Issues with Forwarding Port for Plex Media Server

One of the most common issues you might face is the “Blocked IPs” while configuring Port Forwarding. Some devices may have a firewall running in the background that limits the network connection prerequisite for streaming Plex TV/Plex Media Server. 

Getting around with this issue is easier if you have the right Plex VPN. 

How to Open Ports with Ivacy VPN

  • Download Ivacy VPN app from the official website.
  • Login to the Ivacy VPN with your credentials and go to the Member’s Area.
  • Select the Port Forwarding Tab
  • Select the desired option (either open all the ports or restrict all but enable specific ports). 
  • Enter the desired port numbers as per the requirement
  • Apply Settings
  • Now, open your Ivacy VPN Application. 
  • Connect to your Share VPN / dedicated IP 
  • At last, you need to confirm if the ports are open. You can do this by visiting and checking the status of your ports. 

Smartly conceived, Ivacy VPN has made it easy for users to make the most out of their Plex media server. You can get Ivacy VPN to benefit from their easy port forwarding and dedicated IP features. 


What is Plex?

Plex is a popular media player system and streaming service that enables users to stream their favorite TV shows/movies on connected devices while storing them in an organized way. 

Similar to reputable streaming apps like Kodi, Plex shares an immersive interface to search and watch anything in it. To use Plex with its maximum potential, opting for Plex port forwarding and obtaining a dedicated IP address on your computer is advised.

What separates Plex from Kodi is the feature to stream your content from your PC to any device you own, while sharing that library with others. 

What is Plex Used for?

Generally, Plex comprises three main components: Plex Server, Plex Media Apps, and Plex Media Client. 

  • Plex Server: Serves to host media files. 
  • Plex Media Apps: Let you access your media library from anywhere that runs on Plex Server. To make this work, you will need a dedicated IP and port forwarding to host the server for the best results.
  • Plex Media Client: Authorize you to stream your content to all of your devices from anywhere. To get the most out of Plex and direct access to Plex’s server, you will need to set up port forwarding on your router.

Manual Port Forwarding for Plex Media Server

Manual port forwarding for Plex Media Server can be easily done via your router. The process is quite simple but it involves more work than usual. 

Here is how you should manually configure port forwarding

Making Sure Your Server’s IP Address is Static

Users must know where they want the ports to be forwarded, which means they also know the local network IP address of the computer running their Plex Media Server. 

Your priority here is to keep the local IP address the same and not configure the ports each time you want to access Plex Media Server. There are two ways to do that:

Save the IP in Your Router

It can be done by manually assigning your router to pick the same IP address when you connect to the computer. 

Set a Static IP on the Computer

By setting a static IP, your router IP will remain the same without requiring you to manually configure the IP address each time you connect to the Plex Media Server. This method is not the best one since your router may automatically assign that same IP address to another device connected to the same network as you. The result is IP conflict which can be resolved by assigning the IP outside the DHCP range defined by your router.  

How to Forward Ports on Your Router?

To initiate the port forwarding process for Plex Media Server, you will need the following information.

  • WAN/External Port: While you can use any port available in the 20000 to 50000 range, port number 32400 (TCP) is the default one. 
  • LAN/Internet Port: This will be 32400. 
  • IP Address: Indicates your local IP Address of the computer running the Plex Media Server. 

However, you can choose any port number with the WAN/External Port i.e. between 20000 and 50000, but the port number for the LAN/Internet Port must always be 32400 (TCP). 

How to Set the Plex Media Server to Use the Port?

Once you are done forwarding the port on your router, you will need to describe to your Plex Media Server how to use it. Here is the process for that:

  • Launch the Plex Web App and login with your credentials
  • Go to Settings > Server > Remote Access
  • Click the Show Advanced to see more options
  • Enable the Manually specify public port checkbox
  • Enter the WAN/External port used previously
  • Click the Retry or Apply button

Ivacy VPN – Best VPN to Forward Ports for Plex Media Server

Because Ivacy VPN can make any country library accessible, it is the best choice for Plex streaming service. The top-tier features available in IvacyVPN make it easy for you to get the most out of your Plex Media Server. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Plex port forwarding?

Plex port forwarding is generally safe, you just have to make sure your internet connection is protected by AES 256-bit encryption for optimal privacy and security. 

Do you need a VPN for Plex?

It is difficult to access all the TV shows/Movies on your Plex account due to regional limitations. The quickest way is to get Plex VPN a.k.a Ivacy VPN which gains instant access to content unavailable in your country.

What ports do I forward for Plex?

Primarily, you should forward 32400 (TCP) and 32469 (UDP) for Plex. Apart from this, any port available in the 20000 to 50000 range can be forwarded too.

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