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Wondering if you will be tracked if you used a VPN? Here is everything you need to know!

Tracking & VPNs - All your concerns Answered!

When using a VPN, your IP address gets changed, and all online activity gets encrypted, eliminating any possibility of being tracked. However, some Internet Service providers (ISPs) and websites may detect a VPN being used without seeing online activity.

Millions worldwide depend on VPN services to maintain privacy online since VPNs protect their users from any tracking, interception, and leaking of IP addresses. But it’s quite natural to wonder whether a VPN is the absolute answer to privacy concerns online. Here we answer some of the most common problems people usually have regarding the issue:

Who can (potentially) see that you’re using a VPN?

Not everyone online can see that you are using a VPN except a few:

  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Apps or websites such as Netflix and Amazon prime
  • Cyber-criminals

Now, let us see why:

  • Your ISP ensures the provision of the Internet service to you, and therefore, they can see the connections you could be making through their servers. They do this based on IP addresses and the encrypted traffic they detect.
  • Some apps and websites related to online services restrict access to their service when you use a VPN. They do so by detecting suspicious IP addresses and blacklisting them since they are being used by different people worldwide to connect.
  • Cybercriminals know that you are using a VPN when they try to intercept your connection when on an unsecured network (for instance, a public WI-FI that doesn’t have a password)

Is A Free VPN good for privacy?

Ever since VPNs’ popularity has increased in the past few years, hundreds of VPN apps – each offering security and privacy- have popped up, some of whom offer their service for free.

Even though the prospect of a free VPN might sound enticing, you must realize that genuinely secure VPNs require a lot of investment and resources for upkeep. Therefore, a VPN can’t make its services available for free. Usually, if a VPN is open for free, it means that your data – online behaviors, sites you visit, and search patterns, is being sold to advertisers and marketing companies. Avoid free VPNs like the plague if you value your privacy.

Can You Be Tracked Through A VPN By The Government

The authorities don’t waste time going after VPN users unless they suspect that something fishy and unlawful is going on. If they do, the federal authorities approach the ISP for connection logs and determine a VPN’s use; they might come to the particular VPN provider. However, if the VPN keeps no records of the user data, they won’t provide anything even if they were forced to do so.

Could You Be Tracked Through Torrents When Connected With A VPN

Torrenting comprises one of the foremost reasons why people opt for VPNs. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia have stringent laws regarding copyrighted content being shared through torrent sites. However, you can’t be tracked this way because you are just another of the hundreds of IP addresses shared between VPN users engaging in torrenting.

Can You Be tracked if the VPN disconnects

Once the VPN disconnects, your data isn’t encrypted any longer, and your real IP address is also exposed. The best solution to this problem is the Kill Switch feature that most VPN providers have (We will explain this feature in detail below)

What VPN features help you avoid tracking?

If the idea of someone tracking you is unsettling for you, certain VPN features might make you feel at ease. Premium VPNs such as Ivacy come with many useful features to ensure that no one is tracking you online.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are being tracked despite using a VPN due to other vulnerabilities on your device, your ISP or hackers won’t access your browsing data, location, or any additional sensitive information you send over the Internet due to the encrypted connection created by the VPN. However, make sure you chose a VPN that has transparent privacy and no-logs policy, such as Ivacy VPN.

So, do you feel ready to browse the internet worry-free?

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