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Amazon Device Users Can Now Delete Their Voice Command History

Good news for all the Alexa users. After Amazon’s latest announcement, users can easily delete saved recordings of any of their Alexa-powered device.

Amazon has recently announced an easy solution for Alexa users and now with just a single voice command, privacy-conscious Alexa users can easily delete their saved recordings and totally clean their data. The solution was already there but it just wasn’t easy for users because they had to first use their Alexa app or Amazon’s website in order for them to be cleaned.

The step is a response to the growing concerns surrounding Amazon speakers. The primary concern was due to speakers being on always-on mode which is often said to be a part of Amazon’s plan to improve its artificial intelligence algorithm. The thing is, every user agreed to their data being used by Amazon but how many knew this is what’s exactly going to happen is the real question.

This new feature is available effective immediately and will allow users to delete everything said during the day by just uttering, “Alexa, delete everything I said today.” There are also plans for deleting individual commands by saying the lines, “Alexa, delete what I just said” too but it’s not what the users have right now.

This is actually a nice move for people that prefer privacy but how this works out will only unveil in the future.

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