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Ivacy Partners with BEAM – The Future of Cryptocurrency

Ivacy Partners with BEAM – The Future of Cryptocurrency

Ivacy has grown by leaps and bounds in less than a decade. Continuing its legacy of supporting internet privacy and security, Ivacy has yet again partnered with a scalable confidential cryptocurrency, BEAM.

Those seeking to keep their transactions under the radar, Ivacy has in the past and to this date, support cryptocurrencies. That way customers feel confident and in charge of their privacy online.

What is BEAM?

BEAM is yet another cryptocurrency aimed at helping users carry out transactions in a secure manner online. The currency leaves you in complete control of your safety since all the transactions are kept private.

Blockchain technology has reshaped how we practice financial transactions. Thus, given the compact size of the Blockchain, BEAM is highly scalable. Moreover, it supports offline transactions, atomic swap, and packs wallet app for both mobile and PC.

For those of you who are wondering, if it’s a safe bet? Know this, it’s backed by Treasury. More can be learned about its features here. BEAM’s idea is to set up a non-profit foundation to govern the protocol after Mainnet launch.

A Crypto Partnership for the Ages

As stated, Ivacy’s key to success is not JUST its ability to offer a premium VPN service.  Instead, it has more to do with its ability to tap the potential which can benefit its users in the long run.

Its partnership with BEAM is a testament to that fact that Ivacy’s commitment to privacy is unparalleled. So if you are looking to anonymize your financials online, it’s high time you start taking advantage of BEAM. Cryptocurrencies are meant for strengthening safer transactions over the internet.

So for all your online protection needs, bask in Ivacy VPN to safeguard your interests against hackers and other attacks. Similarly, BEAM ensures that no cybercriminal has the audacity to steal from you.

Combine the two for a ‘deadlier’ effect!

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