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What Is SSID in Wi-Fi and How to Find It


When it comes to Wi-Fi networks, you may have come across the term “SSID” more often than not. Despite it being incredibly common, not many people know the term and what it has to do with their Wi-Fi network. If you are one such person, and you wish to learn everything there is to know about SSID; then you are at the right place.

What does SSID Stand For?

First and foremost, what does the term “SSID” actually stand for? It stands for “Service Set Identifier.”

What is SSID in Wi-Fi, and How to find your SSID?

If you see a sign telling you to connect to a network with an SSID “Coffee Wi-Fi,” all you need to do is look for that wireless network and connect to it to gain internet access.

The primary purpose of SSIDs is to differentiate between numerous Wi-Fi networks. This way, you can connect to the correct one. SSIDs are used for all kinds of Wi-Fi networks, including and not limited to your Wi-Fi network at home. If you have control of a Wi-Fi network, you can change the SSID to anything you like.

SSIDs can be no more than 32 characters in length, and they are case-sensitive. For instance, “MyNetwork” will be completely different from “mynetwork.”  It is worth noting though special characters like dashes, periods, etc., are allowed.

The SSID you select is broadcasted over your wireless router or any other Wi-Fi base station, making it easier for nearby devices to identify available networks with readable names that humans can understand.

If a network does not have a password, anyone can connect with it by selecting the SSID. But if the network is secured with encryption, then a password will be required to connect to it. To protect your wireless network, do not host an open Wi-Fi network.

That being said, if you want to find your SSID, the process is relatively simple. Access your router’s settings and use your credentials to sign in. Once you are in, you will see your network’s SSID, and here you can change it as well.

What is an SSID Number?

If you have never changed the SSID for your router, the SSID number will be set to default. To find this SSID number, check the body of your router. If you cannot find it on the router itself, then be sure to check the box it came in. It is worth mentioning that the default SSID numbers usually utilize the name of their brands, i.e., Netgear, Linksys, etc.

What is WPA2?

As mentioned earlier, it is a terrible idea to leave your Wi-Fi network without a password. To avoid a breach, you will need to utilize encryption to prevent a disaster later on. One such form of encryption for wireless security is WPA2. It is the standard for wireless security, and it is set as the default security perimeter in most routers. A WPA2 key is an alphanumeric password, and it is required to access your network if enabled.

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