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How to unblock Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Youtube in Turkey


Turkey has been in the news lately for all the political reasons. And now, the political row has resulted in blockage of internet in the country; denying the Turkish netizens access to any of the popular social media websites.

In a fresh move the Turkish government has blocked four popular social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp. The netizens remain confused at government’s decree to ban these websites.

Banning the internet: a regular practice in Turkey

It’s not the first time that Turkey has blocked the popular social media websites. In July this year, these websites met the same fate following a horrific blast in capital, Ankara. Last month, the Turkish government also blocked Dropbox, GitHub and One Drive websites.

This is the second time in five months that the Turkish government has decided to ban four major social media websites. The recent ban is going to affect roughly 58% of the Turkish population that is known to use internet, specially social media websites in their leisure time.

It seems that the development has taken place following the arrest of 11 Members of Parliament (MPs). These MPs are believed to have a soft corner for Kurdish political rival party, the People’s Democratic Party.

Turkey Block, an internet monitoring group in the country, took to Twitter to share the development on part of the Turkish government. Netizens were still finding it difficult to access social media websites following the government’s move to arrest pro-Kurdish politicians.

How to unblock social media websites in Turkey?

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