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Top Dark Web Telegram Chat Groups and Channels

The Top 10 Dark Web Telegram Chat Groups and Channels

In recent years, especially after the WhatsApp privacy policy controversy in 2021, Telegram has emerged as a leading alternative messaging app. Offering free, open-source, and cloud-based instant messaging, Telegram has gained immense popularity for its emphasis on privacy-focused communication. With end-to-end encryption for messages and calls, Telegram ensures that users’ data remains inaccessible to ISPs and other third parties. However, the allure of complete anonymity and Telegram’s status as a free and anonymous chat platform have attracted attention from dark web users. Let’s delve into the realm of dark web Telegram groups and channels and explore their association with the platform.

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Why Telegram is Popular?

Originally launched as an anonymous chat app in 2013, Telegram has always championed open-source principles, allowing people from diverse regions to connect and chat freely. The surge in Telegram’s user base in 2021 was catalyzed by the WhatsApp privacy scandal, wherein concerns were raised about WhatsApp sharing users’ data with its parent company, Facebook. This controversy led to a staggering influx of 25 million new users signing up for Telegram in just three days.

However, Telegram’s exponential growth also attracted the attention of various users, including cybercriminals, hackers, drug dealers, hate-speech promoters, racists, journalists, and political activists. While Telegram prides itself on its encryption and privacy features, its popularity has sparked debates about its role in facilitating political and religious extremism, leading to bans in countries like Russia and Iran. Nonetheless, users in restricted regions can still access Telegram using VPNs or proxies.

Connection Between the Dark Web and Telegram

The dark web, often associated with illicit activities and underground marketplaces, has also served as a refuge for political whistleblowers, activists, and journalists facing censorship. While the dark web offers anonymity, accessing it requires specialized tools like the TOR browser, which may not guarantee complete anonymity. Consequently, dark web users and website owners are increasingly migrating to Telegram, leveraging its anonymity and “secret chat” feature.

Exploring the Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels

Dark Websites

  • Channel Name: Dark Websites
  • Subscribers: 47K
  • Topic of Interest: Crypto, dark websites
  • Description: Dark Websites is a prominent Telegram channel where users share insights on crypto trading platforms and access resources for navigating the dark web. With a subscriber base of 47,000, it serves as a valuable repository of knowledge without promoting illicit content.


  • Channel Name: KelvinSecurity
  • Subscribers: 2K
  • Topic of Interest: Ethical hacking
  • Description: KelvinSecurity is a renowned Telegram channel dedicated to ethical hacking, vulnerabilities, and code reviews. With 2,000 subscribers and growing, it facilitates knowledge exchange and updates within the hacking community.

Breached Data

  • Channel Name: Breached Data
  • Subscribers: 6K
  • Topic of Interest: Data leaks
  • Description: Breached Data shares insights about sensitive data leaks, including security pins, phone numbers, and passwords. With over 6,000 subscribers, it provides valuable updates on global data breaches.

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The Hidden Wiki .onion v3

  • Channel Name: The Hidden Wiki .onion v3
  • Subscribers: 0.7K
  • Topic of Interest: Onion links for TOR
  • Description: The Hidden Wiki serves as a directory of links to popular onion sites, aiding users in accessing the dark web securely.

Best Free Courses

  • Channel Name: Best Free Courses
  • Subscribers: 9K
  • Topic of Interest: Free Udemy courses links
  • Description: Best Free Courses offers links to Udemy courses, catering to learners worldwide with over 9,000 subscribers.

Dark Hidden Wiki

  • Channel Name: Dark Hidden Wiki
  • Subscribers: 19K
  • Topic of Interest: Onion links for TOR
  • Description: Dark Hidden Wiki serves as a comprehensive directory of Onion sites on the TOR browser, providing a safe and reliable resource for authentic dark web links.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find hidden Telegram groups?

Telegram offers a search tool to locate groups and channels, but it’s limited to public ones. To join private groups, you’ll require an invite link from an existing member.

How can I see inappropriate content on Telegram channel?

Inappropriate content on Telegram channels should be reported to Telegram’s support team for action.

How to find cool Telegram channels?

Utilize Telegram’s built-in search feature to find groups and channels. Input relevant keywords or phrases related to your interests on the main screen search bar.

What is the most followed channel on Telegram?

The official Telegram Tips channel, developed by the messenger creators, holds the record for being the first channel on Telegram to surpass 10 million subscribers.

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