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5 online Safer Internet Day tips for traveling!

Do not let yourself and the youngest users of internet stay wary of surfing while you are traveling. Because on this Safer Internet Day which is being celebrated on Tuesday, the 6th of February 2018 we want just that for you!

Regardless of what you do online whilst you travel; be it downloading media, shopping online, streaming your favorite TV shows and movies or networking through social media, security of your internet session should be the top priority.

Safer Internet Day tips

First and Foremost

Make sure you have latest security measures in places such as a working firewall and an excellent antivirus program to guard you against any harm lurking online. Since the internet is dark and full of terrors. Your device ought to be equipped. Period.

Next Logical Step

Take a moment to pause and think. The credit card info you are so willing to share with an e-commerce site, is it safe? It is especially dangerous if you are accessing or providing personal information while connected to a public WiFi. At this point, be cautious of which sites and activities you perform.

Another Misconception

Just because you have a password to connect to a WiFi doesn’t automatically make it a safer option. Why? Due to an unencrypted connection, the information that is passed over this is easily intercepted by hackers and phishers alike.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

It is quite a common practice for these tricksters to legitimize the fake WiFi connection and make it appear as real. When you do connect to any of them, consider handing all your private data to them on a platter.

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Ivacy VPN to the Rescue

If you thought you were doomed, well, you were wrong. There is a safety measure in place in the form of Ivacy VPN.

So the next time you are in travel, make sure to encrypt your internet connection whether it be a public (open) WiFi or a paid/ password protected connection, Ivacy will provide the much-needed protection.

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