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Netflix not to Reverse VPN Ban

Netflix, the most popular online streaming channel in the world is not going to take back the decision to ban virtual private network (VPN), providers. It’s surely is a bad news for VPN lovers and torrent geeks. But people are still using a Netflix VPN to unblock Geo-restricted content and they get lucky most of the time. 

After a global expansion, in which Netflix opened its subscription in 190 countries, the internet users around the globe, took advantage of this expansion and readily subscribed for Netflix from different regions of the world. The expansion provided the torrent users the opportunity to circumvent geographical restrictions and stream their favorite US programs and movies.

Keeping in view the surge in the number of torrent users, Netflix recently decided to curb down the influence of bittorrent. Thus the organization slammed major VPN providers with a ban. Well, the ban was not particularly well received by the bittorrent clients and torrent users. Recently, the calls to overturn the ban on VPNs has got intensified.

Reed Hastings, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Netflix has got other ideas though. During a discussion, held at the organization’s head office, he categorically denied any suggestions to reverse the company’s stance in connection with lifting the ban on VPNs.

He held the point of view that the company has the obligation to respect the content rights that it acquires. “Someone else has paid for the rights in Germany, so we should respect that, just as we would expect the same in return”, he maintained. How can Netflix allow users of a country to have access to its web content in a country, where Netflix has no license to open up its subscription services? This stance will help out the paid subscribers of the service. You pay, you get the access; you don’t pay, you don’t get the access. It’s that simple.   

Now, as the situation stands, internet users will have to cope up with Netflix’s ban policy over the VPN. It is understood that not all internet users, use VPN for streaming purposes. There are many users, who just want to safeguard their privacy over the web by using a VPN. And then there are many people, who don’t care about using VPNs to stream Netflix content, because they don’t use any. The fact though remains that Netflix is not going to change its stance on VPNs, at least for now.