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Best Kodi Music Addons and Music Stream for 2020


Music is enjoyed by everyone. Not a single on this planet can stand up and say they don’t listen to music or has something against music. Should anyone say they don’t enjoy, well, then that would be a first. Kodi music addons allow you to enjoy mp3 streams on Kodi as if it were a piece of cake.

With music applications ruling the online scene, not much is left for free music lovers. The apps are usually paid and thus, not all can afford monthly or yearly subscriptions to listen to their favorite music.

Every once in a while, a person needs access where he or she can simply bask in the pure music entertainment, create playlists, and sort music via their favorite artists without having to pay for it. Well, you are in luck because Kodi helps you listen to your favorite music as much as you want.

What are Kodi Music Addons

Kodi is a free media streaming player that runs on addons. Kodi music addons tend to play your favorite music and allows you to enjoy it without having to pay for it. Kodi hosts both unofficial or  in other words, third-party addons as well as official addons that can be grabbed from Kodi addons store.

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Why use a VPN for Kodi

A kodi VPN is essential for two reasons. Streaming with unofficial addons is illegal and get you into trouble with authorities. It’s a copyright violation. Therefore, when you are playing music without a VPN, the authorities or your ISP will know where you are accessing the content from which can get you a DMCA notice.

Secondly, ISP throttle your internet speeds. For a buffer-free streaming experience, it is imperative that you have the full bandwidth to have a blast! A VPN here will mask your IP address AKA online identity which will render your presence anonymous on the web.

Now, no surveillance body or ISP will be able to track you and you can bask in your favorite music without worrying about a DMCA notice or throttling, for that matter.

How to Install Kodi Music Addons for Krypton v. 17 and Above

Installing Kodi music addons is fairly easy. Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to enjoying your favorite music. Here goes:

1. Open Kodi

2. Click on Settings

3. Go to File Manager -> Add Source

4. Paste repository URL. It will look something like this https://xxx-xxx.xx/xxx/

5. Press OK

6. Head back to Kodi Home screen

7. Select Addons -> Package Installer (box icon)

8. Choose Install from Zip File. Click on the file similar to this

9. Await installation confirmation

10. On Home screen, select Addons -> Package Installer -> Only this time choose Install from Repository

11. Here select Repo name

12. Press Install and get ready to stream your favorite music

Note: The steps above will remain the same for the most part. The only difference will be in the repository URL, .zip file and repository name.

Best Kodi Addons for Music 2020

Time to list the best Kodi music addons in the year 2020. Let’s see each in turn.

1. Now Music USA (

Now Music USA has the biggest Kodi music addons library. It can be found on MavertickTV Repo. The addon includes both new and old songs. A separate section for different genres is also present such as Rock, Hip Hop and Pop.

2. KNE Rock Videos (

A unique addon that features concerts from different musical bands and has videos for different Rock concerts. It has also has the feature for live music concert. So if there a music concert happening in town, KNE Rock Videos will have it for you to enjoy live!

It is available in Kodi Neu Erleben Repo.

3. FDJ (

If you are interested in listening to a wide array of music, then FDJ should be your go-to stop. Music genres such as IDM, Techno, Rap, Trance, etc. Moreover, you have the chance to enjoy new music as it’s released and even watch music videos to popular hits/ songs.

4. All Kinds of Music (

As the name implies, All Kinds of Music lets you play all kinds of music. It has categories ranging from Sommer Hits to Billboard Top 100 and so much more! Keeping tabs on the latest song releases with Kodi is no longer a problem.

5. YouMusic (

YouMusic is a YouTube addon that helps you stream your favorite music videos under categories like Popular, New and songs under Spotlight. Music videos can be streamed in HD, 480p and 720p video quality.

Heck, if you are a fan of Latin music, YouMusic is the way to go!

6. Jamzz

Jamzz is an addon which is all about music. It has sections such as Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Alternative and so on so forth.

7. Slamming

A new music addon from Ukodi1 Repository that houses sections including Top UK songs, Urban, Pop, Latin, Country, Rock and you name it.

8. JukeboxHero

JukeboxHero pulls content straight from YouTube and then arrange them for you. Since streams are based on YouTube, they are pretty awesome in quality. So no matter which music category you are a fan of, you get the best experience.

9. Ravers Unite

Ravers Unite is an addon by Loki Repository. It has sections including Makina, Happy Hardcore, New Monkey, Colosseum, Venue, After dark, and Wigian Pier. The feeds which are pulled in, as a result, are of top-notch quality and plays extremely well.

10. JAMZ

Don’t be confused with Jamzz, JAMZ addon Kodi is by Mancave TV Kings Repository. You can filter sections via Artist, Concerts, Hot List, Karaoke, Party Mixes, Live, New, Vevo, and many others.

To Wrap Up

The above makes up for top Kodi music addons. Take your pick and stream your favorite tracks, create playlists, and follow artists. With a VPN enabled, you can stream in peace without authorities monitoring your every move or without having to look over your shoulder.

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