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12 Best Kodi Cartoon Addons for 2019


As a kid and even as an adult, you cannot deny your love for Kodi cartoon addons. So if you are seeking to relive your childhood years where you watched your favorite cartoons on TV, and if they don’t air anymore, Kodi cartoon addons are the way to go.

Kodi is a free streaming platform that lets you play your favorite content. Not only you can use it to watch your favorite cartoons but all the films and TV shows as wells. The world of Kodi has grown to such an extent that it now includes live TV programming, documentaries, and anime.

Best Kodi Cartoon Addons

Without further ado, it’s time to delve into some of the most notable Kodi cartoon addons so that you can watch them all in one place. Below is a list of best Kodi cartoon addons. But before we do, there is a disclaimer that you need to take into account.

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Why use a VPN for Kodi

Kodi is a free streaming media platform but most of all, it lets you access content via free addons that may lead to copyright violations. Thus, it is advisable to employ a decent VPN service such as Ivacy so that you can keep surveillance agencies and ISP at bay.

If they don’t know where you are accessing the content from, it is highly unlikely that you are going to get into trouble with the authorities. There is also a debate raging on that the use of Kodi is illegal.

Of course, there are paid/ official Kodi addons, so the argument that Kodi is illegal is futile. The use of Kodi can be illegal but not the platform itself. This a distinction which needs to be understood. However, not everyone can afford to avail paid addons to watch their favorite content.


Following are a list of addons for Kodi version Krypton 17 and above.

1. South Park (Official Addon)

South Park is not meant for kids. Although, it is a cartoon but it is one of the adult-rated Kodi cartoon addons. The humor is subtle, often brutal and pokes fun at everything no matter which religion, political mind frame or race you belong to.

With South Park, you are in luck, as its official addon is available from Kodi. Simply go to Addons -> Downloads -> Video Addons. Here you will find South Park listed as one of the addons. South Park encompasses 20 seasons and this addon will make sure you have all those seasons in one place.

When you’ve found your desired episode, simply click on it to play.

Voila! You can now enjoy South Park on Kodi from the comfort of your sofa.

2. Exodus Redux

If you have never heard of Exodus, then probably you’re not a Kodi fan. Exodus Redux is based on original Exodus and packs same punch as the original. To watch cartoons via Exodus Redux, the process is simple.

Go to Movies -> Genres -> Animation and you get all the cartoons you can expect to watch on Kodi. Even if you are a sucker for TV shows and movies, the addon has ONLY the workable links.

The best part about Exodus Redux, when compared to Exodus, is that it uses the latest scrapers which pave the way for housing a greater media library.

3. Neptune Rising

Not very long ago Neptune Rising shut down leaving fans in a state of bewilderment. After all, it’s quite a popular addon with everything you wish to stream on Kodi, second only to Exodus (Redux).

Although, it is now back and under an all-new repository by the name of Mr. Freeworld. Based on Exodus’s code, the addon provides a familiar feel. The dedicated ‘Animation’ category hosts tons of cartoon Kodi content that both kids and adults will enjoy.

4. The Magic Dragon

A successor to once well known ‘The Dogs Bollocks’ addon packs a diversified media library. Everything from movies, TV shows and cartoons to music, sports and radio stations is available with The Magic Dragon addon.

The ‘Kids’ category is where you will find your desired cartoons.

5. Kiddo

Kiddo is by Cellar Door TV Repository and includes content pertaining to kids movies, cartoons, learning TV, etc. So enjoy!

6. ToonTopia

Among dedicated Kodi cartoon addons for Kodi version Leia 18 ToonTopia is one which can be found on Jew Repository and is a haven for kids movies, cartoons, and TV shows.

7. Kids1 Click Movies

A relatively newer addon and is by T2k Repository. Here you can watch all the family movies including cartoons.

8. Kidz Club

Another new addon and you get it from Butter Fingers Repository. You will find live stream shows for kids, family movies and music videos. On top of it, you have all the cartoons and animations for kids to enjoy.

9. Kids Nation

Kids Nation, as the name implies is an addon dedicated for kids. You can find channels and content including Cailou, The Brain Scoop, LBB Junior, Smart Girls, etc.

10. IT (

A successor to 13Clowns Video that for now does not exist. However, the replacement for it is IT Kodi addon. As with addons, it is primarily aimed at providing you content for TV shows and movies.

Furthermore, it has offerings for cartoons produced by Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network Kodi, and Disney. Movies can be accessed in a single click, which will surely keep your children entertained.

11. Venom (

Another movie and TV show addon. With Venom, you can preview content that is available. Amidst a variety of genres, you will find animated content for children. And make no mistake, it’s completely suitable for kids ages.

Since it has own scrapers, the links are mostly working with the exception of a few which are automatically cleared up. Pick a title and it will start playing stutter-free. A VPN will definitely help you here to compound the no buffering experience.

12. WatchDogs (

WatchDogs has all types of quality content which includes cartoons. Here you will find a ‘Kids Area’. Again the addon uses its own scrapers and thus, easily ranks as one of, if not the best Kodi cartoon addons. The addon can be found at Golden Gun repository.


So cartoons are enjoyed by everyone alike and by all age groups. There is not a person on this planet who would disagree saying they don’t like cartoons. With best Kodi cartoon addons, watching new and classic cartoons is no longer a fantasy but a reality.

With a VPN you can complement this reality by watching cartoon online Kodi via accessing them safely and in complete anonymity. Then what are you waiting for!? Jump in.

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