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How to Install Amazon Prime on Kodi – 2019

Amazon Prime Video does not need any introduction. We all have come to love and enjoy our Prime Video subscriptions. However, there is one thing that you may not know about. What is it? Amazon Prime Kodi addon is available and you can stream the Prime Video library on your Kodi device.

On Kodi, it’s called Amazon Prime Instant Video. When the addon started out, it faced limitations such as being banned in the regions including the UK, USA, Germany, and others. However, that’s the past. The said addon is readily available and can be accessed from anywhere.

Why Get Amazon Prime Kodi

The answer is simple. You get Amazon Prime Kodi so as to watch the complete library of shows and movies therein. Amazon has a set of original movies and TV shows that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Therefore, Kodi paves the way for you to enjoy the familiar streaming experience but with the Amazon Prime Video library at your disposal.

Why Use a Kodi VPN with Amazon Prime

Using a Kodi VPN for when accessing Amazon Prime is essential because the addon is developed by third party developers. These developers are not official license holders of Amazon Prime Kodi addon. So there is an issue where you can get in hot water with the authorities. You can be served a DMCA notice.

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Thus, a Kodi VPN will enable you to mask your IP address and allow you to stream content in complete anonymity. NOT THAT WE CONDONE the use of unofficial addons but if you must, do so at your own risk. Official addons require you to sign up which is why there are third party developers providing ease for Kodi fans/users.

Here how’s a VPN can help:

  • Register and download Ivacy VPN
  • Connect to a server of your choice preferably the US
  • Open Kodi
  • Go to the said addon and start streaming via Amazon Prime Kodi addon

Now we know how you can watch Amazon Prime Kodi, it is time to delve into the installation.

How to install Amazon Prime Kodi – Step by Step guide

The following are the steps to installing Amazon Prime Instant Video on Kodi.

  1. Visit this link and download the repository file
  2. Launch Kodi
  3. Go to Addons
  4. Click on the Installer icon in the top left corner of the screen
  5. Click on Install from zip file so as to commence installation from zip file
  6. Now browse the zip file that you previously downloaded and locate it
  7. Wait for the addon enabled notification
  8. Once you get the notification, proceed to Install from repository
  9. Here you will find XLordKX Repository
  10. Select Video Addons
  11. Now click on Amazon Prime Instant Video
  12. Hit Install
  13. Wait for the addon installation confirmation message in the top right corner of your screen
  14. Head back to Kodi home screen
  15. Navigate to Addons> Video Addons> Amazon Prime Kodi
  16. Of course, you ought to have a Prime Video account. So simply log in and start streaming your favorite content.

That sums it up, folks.

Kodi Prime Video Alternatives

So what if you can’t get your hands on Amazon Video Kodi addon. There are always possibilities. Third party addons are always taken down and their repositories are shut without prior notice. If that ever happens, you should know where to look which is why we have brought you a list of alternatives that will help put your craving to rest.

  • Netflix

Another popular Kodi addon is without a doubt, Netflix Kodi addon. Here you can watch all the notable TV shows, documentaries, the latest movies and so on so forth. Needless to say that the Netflix Kodi addon packs all the top-rated content for your viewing pleasure.

  • Hulu

Hulu is a geo-restricted platform and in order to stream on Kodi via Hulu addon, you will have to bask in a VPN. You can find all the highly-rated content in films and TV at your disposal. So if you have a subscription to Hulu, you are in luck because now you can watch exclusive Hulu titles on Kodi.

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  • YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. This addon for Kodi helps you stream everything from music, sports, clips, full-length programs and what not! YouTube Kodi addon can be directly downloaded from the Kodi repository.

  • Sling TV

Yet another wildly popular Kodi addon. Sling TV helps you stream popular TV shows and movies. Sling TV can be accessed on a variety of platforms including Kodi. With a Sling TV subscription, you can watch the live TV channels on Kodi in no time.

  • BBC iPlayer

Indeed a very popular addon for Kodi. BBC iPlayer packs a ton of content such as educational programs, entertainment stuff, and all forms of brilliant content. So if you own a BBC iPlayer subscription, you can use it to log in and watch content on Kodi.

For bypassing geo-restricted content, here’s what you need to:

  • Register and download Ivacy VPN
  • Connect to a server of your choice preferably the US
  • Open Kodi
  • Go to the said addon and start streaming via Amazon Prime Kodi addon

Top 5 Shows on Amazon Prime

The following are the top 5 shows currently streaming on Amazon Prime Kodi.

1. The Boys

If you have enjoyed Watchmen – the Zack Snyder directed feature film from 2009, you’ll love The Boys. The premise isn’t anything similar, just that it has superheroes. The superheroes are movie gods and rockstars with billion-dollar deals with companies everywhere. Occasionally saving the day for media publicity, these superheroes care about no one but themselves. The Boys are a bunch of misfits that band together to teach these supes a lesson in humanity.

Leading the cast is Karl Urban’s Billy ‘The Butcher’, Elisabeth Shue as the devilish owner of the superhero organization alongside Jack Quaid’s Hughie whose girlfriend dies at the hands of a supe which sets up the stage for the whole show.

2. Good Omens

A joint production of BBC Studios and Amazon Studios. It is a six-part fantasy series and stars Micahel Sheen and David Tennent in the lead roles. The plot revolves around Apocalypse and the two actors play an angel and a demon respectively. They forge a partnership to prevent the rise of the Antichrist and prevent the impending war between heaven and hell. Watch it now via the Kodi Amazon Prime addon.

3. The Tick

For those who watched Fox in the early 2000s would recall a short-lived superhero sitcom called The Tick. Today, Amazon has its own version of the show which is a fresh take on the hero. The show maintains the absurdity from the comics on which the show is based on alongside its joyful humor.

The show takes The Tick played by Peter Serafinowicz and his sidekick Arthur – Griffin Newman on a journey where they fight crime and delves into the investigation conspiracy surrounding Jackie Early Haley’s villain The Terror. Take a trip down nostalgia (sort of) on Amazon Prime Kodi.

4. Fleabag

This award-winning drama won 3 Primetime Emmys including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for creator and actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The show is about a neurotic woman who is trying to juggle both her business which is in a downward spiral as well as personal life which is in shambles.

As a human being, she’s seen as a compulsive liar and selfish which is why the show is called fleabag hinting filth. Kodi Prime Video has all the seasons of Fleabag currently streaming.

5. Transparent

An Amazon original series that deals with Jeffrey Tambor’s transgender woman who comes home to her family. The show explores the relationship with her children and her personal struggles as a trans woman. It is a bold show and won a Golden Globe for Best Series. Amazon Video Kodi will have you streaming Transparent in no time.

To Wrap it Up

Now that you know how to set up Kodi Amazon Prime addon, be sure to subscribe to a VPN for stutter-free streaming as well as anonymity against ISP surveillance. So what are you waiting, your prayers have been answered. Bask in the Amazon Prime Kodi addon and enjoy Amazon Prime originals, shows, documentaries, films like no other!

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