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5 Best Deep Web | DarkWeb Search Engines you should consider in 2021


You may have heard about the deep web/dark web, but you may be clueless about its applications. This is another side of the internet you may not have explored yet, mainly because you know nothing about it. Well, this will change once you go through this blog.

Here, you will learn about deep web vs. dark web, what darkweb search engines are, and what options you have worth checking out. Without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

What is the Deep Web/Dark Web, and how to access it?

First and foremost, you need to understand that the deep web and the dark web are two completely different things. While both terms are used interchangeably for each other, that is not accurate. The deep web refers to pages that are not indexed, while the dark web refers to those pages that have been hidden intentionally. In a way, the dark web is a subset of the deep web, and a dedicated browser is required to access it.

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It is also worth noting that no matter what route you take, it is always advisable to use a reliable VPN. Whether you access the deep web or dark web, you will need a VPN to remain secure and anonymous at all times. Additionally, you will not have to worry about third parties, your ISP, or even your government monitoring you.

Best Dark Web Search Engine Links | Deepweb Search Engines 2021

Now, let’s take a look at some dark web search engines worth checking out. Remember, though, you could be putting yourself at risk while carrying out a dark web search, so take extreme caution and use a reliable VPN at all times. Moreover, you will need to use a dark web browser to access any of the following sites.

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1.      DuckDuckGo – Dark Web’s Google

What sets DuckDuckGo apart from the rest of the crowd is that it does not track any of its users. Privacy-conscious users will feel right at home with DuckDuckGo, and dark web users will benefit from it due to its numerous anonymity features. Considering the fact DuckDuckGo is TOR’s default search engine, its importance cannot be denied.

To access DuckDuckGo using your dark web browser, click here.

2.      notEvil Dark Web


This dark web search tool is all about simplicity; in fact, it was modeled after Google. This Dark Web Google clone even utilizes Google’s old motto, “don’t be evil.”

To access notEvil using your dark web browser, click here.

3.      Torch


This dark web search engine was developed in 1996. It is the first and oldest dark web search engine available publicly.

Torch has a response time of 3 seconds, and it covers 2 million indexed websites. However, it does not feature popular marketplaces and forums on its first page of results. Also, many of its indexed websites are no longer available.

To access Torch using your dark web browser, click here.

4.      Haystak


If Haystak is to be believed, it has over 1 billion indexed pages. This incredible number of pages is reason enough for Haystak to make it to this list. Do keep in mind, though, it is possible that many of these pages may not be working since sites created for the dark web are wiped away after a certain amount of time.

To access Haystak on your dark web browser, click here.

5. could be considered the best dark web search engine because it allows users to access dark web links using a browser like Google Chrome. Eventually, you may need TOR to access those links, but at least it will enable you to check out links quickly this way.

To access using your dark web browser, click here.

You now have everything you need to know about dark web search engines and which ones are worth checking out. Be sure to use a dark web browser to access the search engines above, but most importantly, use a VPN.

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As mentioned earlier, you will need a reliable VPN to keep you safe and secure online. A reliable VPN, like Ivacy VPN, will not only keep you protected online, but it will allow you to access the internet freely with ease. For these reasons and many others, use Ivacy VPN to enjoy exploring the internet like never before!

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